If you haven’t been to Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park, it’s a good opportunity to visit now on their tenth anniversary. The treetop obstacle course was recently given an upgrade and is now bigger and better than before.

I tried it out with my son over the weekend and the experience was fantastic:

Following a six-month overhaul, the impressive new trail unveils a facility 40% larger than before, encompassing an expansive 69 crossings and six zip lines through the park, across four different heights in three age appropriate courses.

The new course also sees the introduction of the intermediary Junior Course, and the incorporation of an on-going safety harness allowing adventurers to bid goodbye to adult supervision, and embark on their own journey through
the foliage.

There are now a total of three courses – the Grand Course, Junior Course and Kids Course. The course information and prices are as below:

I tried the Grand Course while Asher went for the Kids Course. If you are heavier than 50kg, you also get to try out the Big Zip for free. The Big Zip is not a standalone attraction and is accessible to all Course ticket holders who meet the minimum weight of 50kg.There is no need to make an advanced booking for the Big Zip, it just tags on to an existing booking on the course.

I took around two and a half hours to complete everything for the Grand Course at a leisurely pace while Asher took around an hour to finish his Kids Course, both inclusive of the respective briefing time.

Some tips – wear shoes that have a good grip on the soles; dress in simple attire that won’t get in the way with the harness and other safety features; briefing takes place in 30 minutes interval so be punctual so you won’t have to wait for the next session if you arrive late; and factor in time to get to the attraction as it takes about 10 minutes to walk there from the nearest carpark.

If you are attempting the course with someone who might have height phobia, let the person go at the back because everyone in front would have to trace their steps backward to exit the course if the person gets cold feet at any of the obstacles. I didn’t have any problem with most of the obstacles except for one which require you to swing from one foot-rest to another. I have very bad balance and was unable to stabilise myself well. The lucky thing was that this obstacle was one of those where there is a forked path and you could choose to skip it by opting for another path with another obstacle.

For Asher, he had no problem completing all his obstacles and was even nonchalantly sucking on a lollipop as he attempted everything. There were a lot of other kids of all ages attempting the three different courses when we were there, including some of the bigger kids on the Grand Course. If you are looking for an alternative outdoor adventure with your kids, the Forest Adventure obstacle courses would be something fun and interesting to consider.

Kids Course

Kids Course

“In the previous course, participants below the age of 18 had to be accompanied by an adult. Now, our new course design means anyone above the age of seven can go on the course by themselves. We want to empower our young outdoor adventurers with independence and a new sense of confidence,” shared Founder and Managing Director, Ms Stephanie Besse.

Forest Adventure is open every day from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (closed on Monday except public holidays). The last departure on the Grand Course is 4pm, 4.30pm on the Junior Course and 5pm on the Kids Course.

Since the launch of Forest Adventure in 2007, the adventure park has received over 350,000 adventurers from children age five and above to seniors in their late 70s. For more information about visiting Forest Adventure, check out official website whereby you can book appointments online with no prepayment.