Do you often find yourself feeling tired and sluggish in the afternoon at work, and worse, unable to stay focused no matter how hard you try?

Or are afternoons a pain to push through at school, and you just can’t seem to cramp those mathematical formulas in?

The afternoon slump is a real struggle – and you’ve more than likely been victim. There are many ways you can combat the fatigue, but not everyone’s down for a stretch in the middle of the office, or has the time to pop by a gym. So, here’s a list of delicious, nutritious snacks we’ve compiled, to help rev up your engine and get you going in the afternoon.Time to stock up on your personal pantry or update your office snack delivery service!

(Pro-tip: Carbohydrate and sugar-heavy foods should be avoided at lunch, as they cause a dip in your energy levels and hence, productivity.)

1. Nuts & almonds (raw and unsalted)

Nuts pack a crunch and help you beat the afternoon slump by loading you up with protein, fat and fiber. So if you feel a dip in your energy levels, get to chewing on some nuts and watch as the afternoon slump slowly fades.

2. Celery sticks

Chop up some celery and chomp your way to increased energy levels, as celery is a great source of antioxidants and has many beneficial enzymes to keep afternoon fatigue at bay. Celery comprises mainly of water, which you may not consume enough of through the day, and is also a great source of dietary fiber.

3. Miso soup

Wait, what?! You may think it’s crazy to think of miso soup as a way to beat the afternoon slump, but this delectable Japanese dish has probiotics to combat digestive issues, breaking down your portions of lunch better. You’ll end up less lethargic at work and ready to take on your next pile of work.

4. Fresh fruit

Of course, you should never dismiss fruits as a viable option to banish the fatigue. Fruits are great sources of various vitamins and help boost your energy levels in a wholesome, healthy manner. They’re also great if you’ve got a sweet tooth, and contain beneficial sugars to keep you going. So yes, you can have your slice of watermelon and eat it too!

5. Organic popcorn

If you’re the type to enjoy popcorn at the movies and can’t help but keep popping them in all at one go… well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that organic popcorn is a great afternoon snack. It helps to control your blood sugar and reduces sugar fluctuations, so your energy levels can finally regulate and be more consistent throughout the work day.

6. Green tea

Odds are, you’re not hydrating yourself enough while working your way through your assignments. While snacks are a great way to amp up your energy levels, green tea makes for a great perk-me-up in the afternoon. Have it any way you like, hot or cold, and you’d be glad to have an extra firepower in your arsenal besides just coffee.

7. Greek yogurt

If you like your dose of dairy and desserts, have the best of both worlds and tuck into a delicious serving of Greek yogurt! It’s the perfect fix for a sweet craving, and is filled with creamy, nutritious goodness. Plus, you can have it absolutely guilt-free knowing that it’s healthy!

8. Quaker snack bar

Energy bars were created to give you that kick you need in the middle of the day, and there’s no harm indulging in one – especially if you want to recharge your energy levels to nail those KPIs.

Opt for a healthier version while at it. Quaker Chewy 25% Less Sugar bar has you covered with less than 100 calories per bar and containing 8 grams of whole grains. You’re bound to get second wind and crush the day in no time!