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Asian Rooftopping Daredevils To Follow On Instagram

The controversial death of Wu Yongning – the Chinese daredevil who fell from a 62-storey building chasing rooftops – led the frightening rooftopping and photography blog to reveal itself in public.

There are mixed opinions on how cool and dangerous rooftopping is. In case you didn’t know, most rooftoppers access rooftops illegally and literally put their lives at risk. They call themselves daredevils. They will walk on edges, hang on cranes, climb up sides of buildings, and sometimes jump from one building to the other just to get a good photo or footage. They do this without the harness or any safety gear.

This dangerous act has invited a lot of extremists. The danger fuels their excitement. With the threat of dying, extremists continue to do this and are becoming more popular especially in Asia where there are hundreds of stunning city skylines.

If you think rooftopping is cool, here are some of the so-called Asian daredevils and Asian rooftopping blog you should follow:


crankset.17 has yet to gain mainstream popularity. But their stunning rooftop photos of Shenzhen will definitely capture your heart. Their female member’s good looks complement the breathtaking view.


This lovely couple is not afraid to fall (in love). Their inspirational rooftopping hobby and eye on photography will make other couples jealous.


Not all deaf-mute is born an artist, some are born daredevils. Charlie is a proud Chinese and climbs the highest points of Hong Kong. In spite of his disability, he does not possess the fear of heights.


This masked crew of daredevils remains mysterious in Hong Kong. They call themselves Hong Kong young and dangerous crew. They love to travel, trek mountains, hang on building edges, and skateboard on rooftops. Steven Wong’s crew is every adventurer’s dream crew.


An adventurer, traveller and risk taker in Jakarta, Indonesia. He loves to take photos of amazing landscapes both natural and man-made.


soda_886 is a team of photographers. Their amazing urban photography has gathered enough attention to put them on the list. They have artistic photos from rooftops showcasing popular skyscrapers and landmarks.


This Indonesian love to walk the skylines of Jakarta. His photos feature Jakarta buildings, cranes, helipads, and most streets at a bird’s eye view.

Rooftopping has now turned from challenge to a hobby. The number of daredevils grow over time and is starting to become the new sense of urban adventure.

Is this something you would want to be trying in 2018? Let us know your thoughts.


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