It’s the season for giving and we would like to share the extraordinary, yet ordinary story of Hans Alcanzare, a regular guy from the Philippines who did someone really special for his hardworking mother, Teresita, earlier in June 2017. What he did melt hearts in the Philippines and in Hong Kong, with many praising him and his mother as inspirations for the average working class.

Teresita, Alcanzare, an overseas domestic worker from the Philippines and based in Hong Kong for over 20 years to send money back home, received the gift of her life from her children this year. She worked hard to fund all six of her children’s education by working overseas; sacrificing face time with them throughout their growing up years. Her life lesson for her children was “education is the only will I can leave behind for you.”

Although her children hated her at first for leaving them alone in the Philippines, they soon realised that their mother’s sacrifice and loneliness in Hong Kong were greater than theirs. Her strength inspired her seven children to do their best and complete their studies.

Teresita’s Hard Work Paid Off

Her 20-year sacrifice paid off well and all her seven children turned out to be successful role models. Teresita’s six children are now young professionals working as a certified public accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist cum midwife, a civil engineer, a registered master plumber, as well as one upcoming information technologist.

These six outstanding individuals could not have achieved all these in life if not for their mother’s sacrifice. No words can express the children’s gratitude to their mother. Thus, they decided to do the only thing they knew and that is to work hard.

In mid-2017, they finally asked their mother to retire from her work. They made a pledged that their mother is to never work again.

Hans Alcanzare and His Mom on an Asia Tour

However, Teresita was not going home yet. Hans Alcanzare decided to give his mother an Asia tour. Hans picked her up from the Hong Kong International Airport and from there they began their tour to seven countries around Asia including Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Hans Alcanzare mentioned that they owed her a lot and there’s no way they are able to repay her. He also said he is very proud that they have a mother who never gave up on them.

On his Facebook page, he announced, “Today, your graduation has come and finally you’ll be free from stress and work. On behalf of my siblings, I am congratulating you! Job well-done my mom!”

His Facebook post reached out and touched the heart of thousands of netizens and received over 135000 likes, 12000 comments and 27000 shares.

In Hans’ own words:

“Hi mom, it’s time to go home! Finally, your graduation day has arrived! I know you are so excited and I’ll pick you up because you are here in Hong Kong. I still remember I was still 6 years old when you leave us seven siblings to risk it here in HK to give us a better life and good education that you just say that you’re saying With our magkkapatid. I am very angry with you before you leave us because I still don’t understand all why you have to leave us. Everything is not easy for us because there are many attempts to pass and we are almost magkawatak. I thought to imagine how hard it is for you to receive bad news from the Philippines while you’re nagpapakapagod. We are not easy for the nagpalipat between our residence and school. After 20 years of working hard and sacrifice here that your dreams have been forth for all of us. Look at us now, you can’t notice you have a certified public accountant, a licensed teacher, a registered nurse, a pharmacist and midwife, a civil engineer and registered master plumber, and soon to have an information technologist. Looking back, it’s not easy for us, we have a lot of difficulties. To borrowing you from whom we have to have pangtuition and always pagadvance with Mr. Lee you have no more swinesweldo just pay for debt. Mom, we owe you a lot. We won’t be able to get wherever we are right now. We are so blessed to have a mom like you not to give us up. We did not abandon the Lord, and there is only he guided us to be firm and fulfill your dreams for us and now there is a good living and have happy family. I would also like to give thanks to mama’s friends without a fed help him with thick and thin. The best, thank you very much! So, today, your graduation has come and finally you will be free from stress and work. It’s in my siblings, I am congratulating! Job well done my mom! It’s been a long hard years so it’s time for you to enjoy life. So before you go home for good, let’s have a ASEAN trip 🇸🇬🇮🇩🇻🇳🇹🇼🇲🇾🇹🇭🇲🇴🇵🇭 all molecule paid! We love you mom! So first stop, Singapore! 😊😊😊”

Hans Alcanzare is now a modern day inspiration for young millennials reminding everyone to love their parents no matter what.

This Christmas, we all can learn a thing or two from the Alcanzare children and be appreciative of our parents and loved ones. If you haven’t done anything special for them yet in 2017, maybe now is the time before the start of a new year!