Because regular toothpaste is too boring…

Introducing BlanX White Shock – Italy’s no. 1 whitening toothpaste which comes with a LED accelerator for a supposedly more intense whitening action. This is the first toothpaste in the world that whitens with light.

How it works 

The LED lights up each time you use Blanx White Shock, activating the paste as soon as it comes out of the tube onto the toothbrush. Thanks to the specially designed LED light, Actilux’s whitening action is said to be multiplied.


BlanX Key Properties

Whitening Action

BlanX uses a special formula which contains extracts of natural Arctic Lichen to whiten teeth in a non abrasive way.

BlanX also contains fluoride salts to reinforce the enamel, enhancing the brightness of the teeth. Each BlanX product comes with a BlanXometre which you can use to measure your whitening progress.

Anti-Bacterial Action

BlanX contains active ingredients which contain high anti-bacterial properties which protect the tooth enamel from plaque, cavities and common oral diseases.


All BlanX products are non abrasive and peroxide free in order to protect the tooth enamel and whiten safely and effectively.

The BlanX LED Accelerator

The BlanX LED accelerator boosts the whitening and antibacterial action of the BlanX White Shock Range. Here’s how to use it:

I have been using BlanX for the past few months and am happy with the result. I am wary of whitening products because of the invasive chemicals used, but BlanX boosts to be peroxide free and non abrasive which is a big plus point.

The LED accelerator is fun to play with at the beginning but the novelty will wear off as you get used to the routine during your daily brushes. Nonetheless it is a great conversation piece to have in the house, much like those bladeless Dyson fans. 

Prices are pretty reasonable for the premium positioning and novelty factor. BlanX toothpastes are available across leading supermarkets and online stores in Singapore. The BlanX White Shock is priced at $8.90 (75ml) and $12.90 (50ml + LED Accelerator). More information is available via their Singapore Facebook page.