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You’ve Been Doing Grocery Shopping Wrong – Here’s How It’s Done

Everyone grocery shops. It is a fact of life, like how the Earth is round. Whether you are a leisurely shopper combing the snack aisle for potato chips to occupy your Netflix sessions, a host inventorying for house party needs, an aspiring baker picking ingredients for the next great recipe, or the kiasu auntie sweeping just about everything on promotion into the cart, there is no question almost every one of your daily necessities can be found here.

Unless you are said auntie, sometimes we don’t stop to think if we are doing grocery shopping right. Some dilemmas include:

a) This supermarket is most convenient to my place, but does it have the best deals?

b) I visit the supermarket semi-regularly and I’m not sure if it’s worth getting a grocery credit card for the rewards and savings…

c) Is what I want still on promotion or in stock? I don’t want to make a wasted trip.

d) Why should I even get out of my house? Netflix-ing in bed all day sounds like a better idea…

In case you are still in the dark, that is why concierge and food delivery services such as honestbee exist. Since its inception in 2014, honestbee has been making lives easier with same day deliveries across eight countries in Asia; once users confirm orders on the honestbee website or app, a concierge shopper will do all the grunt work for you and a delivery ‘bee’ will take over from there to deliver groceries straight to your doorstep.

The hourly delivery slots add to the convenience and flexibility.

With a digital grocer at your fingertips, it resolves Dilemmas A, C and D. Hot on the heels of their new honestbee FOOD (on-demand food delivery service that sends hawker food to wherever you are at), honestbee has also launched their brand new in-house online grocer Fresh, where you can reap even greater savings. Of course, this would check off Dilemma B.

Don’t bee-lieve us? Read on below.

We have got the stats, STAT.

You’ve Been Doing Grocery Shopping Wrong – Here’s How It’s Done - Alvinology

Save time, save money – who don’t want!? Moreover, going digital for grocery shopping can put you in the good graces of diehard environmentalists. Do you really want to pay that extra 10 cents for plastic bags?

While we wait for our designated ‘bee’ to show up at our front doors with our fresh grocery haul, which should be anytime now, we crunched some numbers to see if honestbee Fresh lives up to their promise of cheaper groceries and 5X Price Match Guarantee.

Pitting honestbee Fresh against two other supermarkets in Singapore, we first compared prices for selected items under the categories of beverages and fresh food produce. The table above tells the story; you may scoff at the seemingly insignificant difference given the figures for some of the more popularly shopped items such as Milo and Nescafe coffee capsules, but like rolling over credit card balances, the situation only appears innocuous until the little things add up.

And here is the real surprise: although honestbee Fresh prices for the basket of chosen commodities are 19% cheaper than Grocer A and B on average, the savings don’t end there.

We have a special promo code for you to compound existing savings on your online grocery shopping.

You’ve Been Doing Grocery Shopping Wrong – Here’s How It’s Done - Alvinology

For the above basket of household essentials and storage food, honestbee Fresh prices were found to be 10% cheaper than Grocer A and B on average.

You’ve Been Doing Grocery Shopping Wrong – Here’s How It’s Done - Alvinology

As promised, we have a special promo code for you to enjoy greater savings on your grocery purchases on honestbee Fresh. Simply key in the voucher code ‘FRESHLEH’ upon checkout and get S$10 OFF with minimum spending of S$40. First time users also enjoy FREE delivery.

Start doing grocery shopping right, right here at Fresh by honestbee!

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