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[Study] Why Singapore Parents Will Likely Leave Their Children to Go on Vacation

According to Expedia’s findings on the “2017 Importance of Family Travel Study”, 41 percent of Singapore parents would leave their children to go on a vacation.

This contradicts the children’s perspective where the study revealed 75 percent of young millennials consider their parents as their best travel buddy. This contradictory result makes an interesting fact between the attitude of travelling parents and children.

Importance of Family Holiday

Almost half of Singapore’s population love to travel all-year-round. The number consists of most millennials where they believe that the most treasured memories they have are during family vacations.

A family holiday is the best time for family bonding. During a family vacation, Singapore parents agree that they feel closer to their partner and their children while children feel closer to their siblings.

More Sense of Responsibility for Singapore Parents

Although family holiday strengthens family bonding, the planning process is stressful for parents. Singapore parents find it stressful to plan a vacation while going to work at the same time.

Planning a family vacation is more focused on children activities. Singapore parents agree that its easier to plan a holiday without their children. Going out with children make parents feel a greater sense of responsibility compared to travelling without. That’s one of the main reasons why most parents agree to leave their children during holiday trips.

In case the planning goes smoothly, the parents need to worry one more thing – the rules. Majority of parents will set rules and chores on a family vacation. Only a few of open-minded parents will allow their children to do whatever they like including staying up late.

From the Children’s Perspective

While the parents find it stressful to travel with children, the idea goes the other way from the children’s perspective.

Young millennials in Singapore agree that their parents are their favourite travel companion. Non-parents or young adults would still choose to travel with their old parents. The findings revealed that family vacations play a key role in generating some of the most treasured memories for non-parents.

“Family vacations are important platforms for creating shared family memories and facilitating family bonding. While going on holidays with children can be stressful at times, the rewards far exceed the time and money invested,” said Simon Fiquet, General Manager for Southeast Asia and India, Brand Expedia.

Based on the results, Expedia’s mission is to revolutionize travel with technology to help people go places. Fiquett added, “Our local teams are always looking to deliver rich and meaningful travel experiences, with affordable hotel deals across more than 500,000 properties coupled with more than 500 flight options and a host of travel activities to help simplify the travel planning process for families and inspire them to go on more family vacations to foster happier families.”

Although with the two disagreeing point of views, parents and children still believe that family vacation is very important to reinforce the family bond.

For more information, visit the Expedia Singapore Family Travel site.

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