If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, then everyone could be a beholder by Christmas; OSIM, a global leader in healthy lifestyle products, is redefining DIY beauty therapy with two brand new products: the uGem 2 and uScalp.

These two new launches are easily integrated into anyone’s daily life, and purportedly have the ability to help contour a V-shaped face and lull you into a state of deep relaxation during your hair care sessions. In other words, this is good news for two groups of people:

a) Those who want to impress with a healthier, brighter and glow-ier appearance this festive season,

b) Those who know they won’t be able to resist binging on Christmas turkeys and meatloaf, and see the need for pre-emptive actions.

“Wah, is it me or is it really brighter!?”

Because all members of the AM Co team here fall into one or the other both camps, we have taken the liberty to try out OSIM’s uGem 2 and uScalp and see how fast it takes for us to register visible changes.

Moreover, with Christmas around the corner, we figured the hunt for the perfect gift could very well be over. For your vain-er friends, at least. Our experiences and discoveries here would enlighten you on whether OSIM’s new ventures prove to be a gem of a gift for them.

We’re Young Again!

uGem 2 functions as a vibrating face massage that relaxes facial muscles and improves blood circulation. It uses micro massage vibrations at an amazing speed of 6,000 pulses per minute. Can our hands compete with that? No. And neither can yours, for the matter. Regular usage of the uGem 2 can reenergize eye muscles and greatly help in reducing heavy eye bags – a boon to those of you who are glued to the screen all day.

What one our creatives, Vanessa, like about the uGem 2 is the pocket friendliness. It fits easily into her pouch (just an FYI, the uGem 2 comes with its own velvety beauty bag) and she can take it anywhere she goes. The soothing vibrations are a welcoming respite from a long day at work and melds nicely into her beauty routine.

And according to producer Bernice, as a guideline, 5 to 10 minutes is enough to perk your mug up and get the puffiness under control for the day.

Another one of our comrades on the team remarked that she has a round face and the uGem 2 would be a very useful addition to her grooming toolbox. Although she hasn’t fully achieved that V-shape that she sees on her favourite Korean pop stars, her face feels firmer than before and she believes she is “halfway there”.


Hairy Issue No More

Looking beautiful with uplifted skin this Christmas season is great, but things could easily be derailed by what’s on top: your hair. And with bad hair day comes a worse headache – figuratively, and maybe literally. It may also be too late to go to your hairdresser for a quick fix because salons are booked up for Christmas.

uScalp Salon-style Scalp Massager offers a DIY scalp massage that could give your hairdresser a run for his/her money. Equipped with four rotating 360-degree massage heads and 28 mini massage nodes, one of our writers commented that this the best kind of salon-styled scalp massage she could hope to experience outside of a salon.

One of the main benefits of the uScalp aided scalp massage is that it improves circulation for a healthy and vibrant hair, releases tension and strengthens hair roots. The only downside, however, is the fact that you might doze off halfway and miss your Christmas party.

But there is little doubt that with uScalp’s ergonomic design and focused function, anyone can easily imitate a therapy on a professional masseuse level without sacrificing much time and money.


What the rest of the team has to say…

“This feels relaxing and just shiok!” – Jasmin, designer

“The uScalp felt therapeutic on my scalp and is quite shiok. But it will be better if there’s a way to adjust the speed of the massager.” – Carrie, project manager

“I like the design, and it is also practical in a sense that it can relieve myself of nagging headaches.” – YB, designer

“When I’m tired at work, I can easily whip it out and give myself a mini massage.” – ZY, designer


From now until 31 Dec 2017, both the OSIM uGem 2 Beauty Massager and uScalp Salon-style Scalp Massager are going at a special Christmas exclusive price of only $99 each (U.P. $149). Find it at all OSIM outlets, Courts Tampines, selected Best Denki stores and Metro Causeway Point… or make life easier for yourself and just get it here!

P.S. Even Tosh Zhang and Apple from Ah Boys to Men are using it!