Everyone has fond memories growing up with Yan Yan. Perhaps it was a treat on the way back from school, or a pick-me-up from the petrol kiosk. However, as consumers grew up, their tastes changed and they started to look for something more sophisticated.

In keeping with the times, Yan Yan has introduced its Premium selection with the launch of two new flavours – Tiramisu & Cocoa and Matcha & Cocoa, to satisfy desires for tastier, better-quality snacks. Tasting like the real thing, both creams are made with finer ingredients such as mascarpone cheese and Japanese matcha powder.

Premium Yan Yan is the perfect mid-day snack for the busy executive or student cramming for the upcoming exams. Layered over a chocolate cream, the tiramisu and matcha creams bring that extra zing after a long day at work or school. The creams are also complemented with cocoa biscuit sticks, a departure from the plain baked biscuit sticks in the original flavours.

Retailing at $1.70, Premium Yan Yan can be purchased at Cold Storage, Watsons, 7-Eleven, OG, Caltex, Metro Centrepoint, BHG Department Stores, and Isetan Westgate. Level up!