Don Don Donki lets you buy authentic Japanese meat and merchandise starting December 1 in Orchard Central

Don Don Donki may just eke out a small part of Japan in Singapore.

We were able to take a first look at the store here.


On 1st December 2017 , Don Quijote Group’s holding company for overseas operations, Pan Pacific International Holdings Pte. Ltd 1 . will open its inaugural Don Don Donki store in Orchard Central, presenting its eclectic retail experience in the heart of Singapore.

As the first flagship outlet in Asia, Don Don Donki aims to position itself as the ‘Japanese Brand Specialist’ by offering products that are either made or designed in Japan.


Shoppers can expect the distinctive retail DNA of Donki that focuses on convenience, amazing prices and an amusement park – like shopping experience through the store’s unique concept and design.

The double – storey retail space will be come the first 24 – hour Japanese discount store in Singapore, boasting a wide variety of goods including fresh foods (meat, fruits and takeaway meals ), processed foods, everyday household items , cosmetics and novelty goods .

Like its stores in Japan, Don Don Donki will continue to keep prices for their products affordable and competitive in Singapore. In partnership with Hokkaido Marche , Don Don Donki will offer shoppers in Singapore a Hokkaido – themed retail and dine – in space that features unique product offerings and successful tenants from the region.



What can Singaporeans look forward to in Don Don Donki?


Made in Japan

• Food, including fresh foods (meat, fruit and produce), liquor , disposable items, daily household items, cosmetics, apparel, toys, stationery, kitchen goods, fitness goods, novelty items and more.

• All products will be 100% made or designed in Japan.

• Premium Japanese alcohol options such as Japanese Sake and Whiskey will be served at Don Don Donki’s bar.

• There will also be a wide delicatessen offering of food such as heathy Japanese lunch plates, okonomiyaki, yaki tori, Hokkaido Gelato and other hot Japanese food.



Don Quijote Group’s Private Brand – Jonetsu Kakaku 

Hokkaido – themed Retail Concept

• Don Don Donki adopts a Hokkaido – themed retail experience where a third of products offered are curated from Hokkaido.

• This includes meat and fish specially caught in Hokkaido, such as Tokachi Beef.

• Don Don Donki will also partner with Hokkaido Marche to offer a truly Japanese dining experience.

Take a look at more photos for the launch:

Don Don Donki’s mascot.

The pre-launch.

Yes, there’s beer and wine, too!

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