While the 2017 holiday season is in high gear, Skyscanner‘s Travel Trends already plotted the best travel destinations for 2018.

This could pose a strategic guide to help Singaporeans decide and prepare in advance where to spend 2018.

Skyscanner’s Travel Trends included almost all continents in their list to provide travellers diverse options. This data is based on average search data on all destinations on Skyscanner from January to October 2017.

It is strongly advised to book your travel ahead of time. At the same time, to reap the best prices, set up an account on Skyscanner Price Alerts to keep updated on fare promos and discounts.

Without further do, let us present Skyscanner’s top 10 destinations to scratch your travel itch for 2018.

[1] Cape Town, South Africa

Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

Experience breathtaking scenery and mingle with wildlife in this seaside town of South Africa. Cape Town is known for its marine activities such as observing Great White sharks inside a steel cage, watching Southern Right whales nurse their calves, and encountering African penguins as they head home to their nest at Boulders Beach.

Skyscanner’s recommended time to visit Cape Town is during the month of September, when you can have the best whale watching experience.  It is also the perfect time for wildflowers to bloom. Book as early as May to snatch cheap flights.

[2] Casablanca, Morocco

Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco

If you’re looking for a quiet, yet stunning work of architecture, Casablanca is the best choice to spend 2018 and even better if you decide to visit the blue city of morocco. Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, but not the most populated city for tourists because of its famous neighbours, which is a good thing for those who prefer to avoid the human jam. It’s also a strategic place to reach popular tourist spots such as the excellent Hassan II Mosque, and haggle with side vendors at The Derb Ghalef.

Skyscanner suggests visiting Casablanca in May when the weather is most pleasant. Book as early as January.

[3] Caticlan, Philippines

Rock on a beach

Boracay remains the top tourist destination in the Philippines for many years and many reasons. With crystal clear waters, finely grained white beaches and dry season almost all year round, Caticlan is definitely the best place to get sunkissed this coming 2018. One of the highlights of Caticlan is the night party at the beach, where you can party under starry skies with a cocktail in your hand.

The best time to visit Caticlan, per Skyscanner, is during the months of November and March when it is less crowded. If you want to experience Boracay at its best, visit during May and experience the yearly event ‘Laboracay’ in celebration of the Philippines’ special ‘Labor Day’ holiday.

[4] Kathmandu, Nepal

Ancient monastery in the suburb of Katmandu.

Kathmandu is famous for its world heritage sites like the awe-inspiring Boudhanath Buddhist stupa, and rich cultural festivals like the Festival of the Crows. Known locally as ‘Gaijatra,’ the latter is held every August and September for eight days. ‘Gaijatra’ is Nepal’s own version of Halloween.

Skyscanner recommends visiting in September when it is autumn. Note that Singaporeans need a visa to enter Nepal. You can get visa at Nepalese Consulate in Singapore, or on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport.

[5] Jaipur, India

If you like taking photos of old buildings and colourful historic places, Jaipur is the perfect spot to include on your 2018 bucket list. Jaipur is home to astonishing Japanese historical spots namely Hawa Mahal (also known as Palace of the Winds), Iswari Swarga Sal and the Maharajah.

The Elephant Festival is held during the months of February and March, which means these two months are the best time to visit.

[6] Da Nang, Vietnam

Beach with blue sea and white cloud

Clean rivers and peaceful urban spaces are rare nowadays. Luckily, Da Nang still manages to preserve that despite growing populace. Go ahead and breathe the fresh air while strolling beside river Han, or traverse Hoi An’s colourful heritage houses, ancient temples and local eateries for cultural food.

Skyscanner agrees that the weather is equally hot and humid during February. The best time to book a ticket is now!

[7] Okinawa, Japan

How about an underwater tourist spot? Okinawa Islands in Japan offers an unusual tourist diving spot. Submerged below the islands of Okinawa is not just rich marine life, but also the forgotten monoliths of Yonaguni, which are found at Yaeyama Islands. If you don’t know how to dive, a man-made tank filled with marine life is available to entertain you.

The perfect time to visit Okinawa this 2018 is during the first week of August. A large-scale dance festival called 10,000 Eisa Dancers parade takes place at this time.

[8] Nadi, Fiji Islands

Two people walking on Warwick Resort Beach, Nadi, Viti Levu Island, Fiji

Fiji Islands is an archipelago of 300 islets in the South Pacific Ocean, meaning there are hundreds of virgin islands immersing you in the beauty of nature, from green palm trees to crystal clear blue waters. Visit Nadi on October 2018 when the weather is warm.

A direct flight is now available from Singapore Changi Airport to Nadi Town, Viti Levu Island with Fiji Airways.

[9] Athens, Greece

Greek temple

Famous historical sites from the fables of Greek mythology is waiting for you in Greece, where the perfect balance between history and modern innovation is struck. Climb and witness the sunset at Mt. Lycabettus, or head to the Temple of Zeus (oldest and largest temple in Greece) and be electrified by the sheer sight. Aside from godly establishments, you could also try walking the pathways of kings and emperors at the Acropolis.

Skyscanner states that Greece better experienced when crowds are sparse. Late April to early June is the best time when the weather is fair.

[10] Dublin, Ireland

Venice aerial view, Grand Canal santa Maria della Salute chu

The first thing that pops up in our minds when talking about Ireland is inarguably St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to attend St. Patrick’s Day 2018 celebrations, the best Irish festivity held every 17 March of the year. The streets will be filled with playful shades of green and beers – can you still say you’re ‘painting the town red’ here?

Speaking of beers, you surely can’t miss out on the opportunity to down pints at the Guinness Storehouse. If you’re a literary beast, then you also have to visit the sites that inspired Oscar Wilde.

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