We can’t be more excited about Disney Pixar‘s new movie ‘Coco‘ which is from the creators of Toy Story, Finding Dory and Inside Out. The movie is everything we could ever ask for – vibrant colours, lively music and a heartfelt story.

Set in Mexico, the movie follows the life of Miguel, a young boy who wants to follow his dreams of being a musician against his family’s wishes. He has to choose between pursuing what he wants and following his ancestral tradition.

On Dia de los Muertos a.k.a Day of the Dead, he is transported to the land of the dead, where he has to try and make things right again.

Miguel is voiced by Anthony Gonzalez and famous musician Ernesto de la Cruz is voiced by Benjamin Bratt who was El Macho of Despicable Me 2.

The movie has a running theme of family and dreams which lived up to the creators’ status of producing well-woven stories with intricate visuals. As all Disney Pixar films, is suitable for kids and adults alike.

The audience’s attention was captured by the elaborate animation, the backstory of Miguel’s family and the bright soundtrack.

The movie talks about death in a non-scary way and we even joked that kids might like how the land of the dead too much. Miguel wanders through this massive fantasy world with his cute companion, Dante (seen above).

And if you’re curious, this is Coco!

Though the main message of the story may be about filial piety and pursuing your dreams, we also felt that it tackled touchier subjects like moving on, sacrifice, finding your path and rising to fame. It is a tear jerker that also includes some jokes for grown-ups and satisfying plot twists. Whether you cried or laughed ’til you cried, few people will leave the cinema with dry cheeks.

The 105-minute long movie leaves you wanting more while being short enough for younger kids to sit through too.

Coco will be showing in Singapore cinemas from 23 November. Go catch it if you spooky shows that are not really scary and can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Photos via Disney Pixar.