The heat in Singapore can get really unbearable at times, especially if you are outdoor a lot. What can we do to beat the heat? Here are five essential items we recommend to help fight the sweltering heat in sunny Singapore.

Portable Fan

This is easily available and for as cheap as less than S$10. You can order them online via online shops like Lazada or get them from an electronic or departmental store.

Personally, I like this one from The Coop Idea which can be connected to any USB port like a powerbank for instance, making it light-weight, easy-to-carry and convenient. The price is great too at just S$11.60 from Lazada.


Three Legs Cooling Water

The tapered shape bottle and logo of Three Legs brand is familiar to most Singaporeans, young and old. The older generation will remember consuming it as a TCM supplement to fight “heatiness”. The younger generation will probably know about it’s effectiveness from their parents or grandparents.

Three Legs Cooling Water has been around since 1937 and is a household name in Southeast Asia. It is formulated with natural minerals which traditionally are used to dispel “heatiness” from the body. If you’ve been out in the sun the whole day, or just feasted on heaty food such as durian and fried chicken, the cooling water will help to restore your body’s internal balance.

As a brand update, Three Legs brand has recently introduced another three variant of their signature product for their 80th anniversary. Their cooling water now comes flavoured in three local fruity flavours – lime, lychee and guava. So that you can have a flavoured drink without compromising on the health benefits!

It retails at supermarkets at S$1.30, and convenience stores starting from S$1.80.


Taiwan Xiong Bao Bei Mist Spray (熊寶貝清新噴霧)

Many of my friends swear by this and would stock this up in cartons when they travel to Taiwan. These are now available on online shops like Qoo10 and comes in assorted fragrances like Morning Dew, Hibiscus and Mint.

When you are feeling hot, just spray the mist on your face and you will feel instantly refreshed. Try it and there’s no turning back.


IKEA Chosigt or Utspadd ice lolly makers


The Chosigt retails for just S$3.90 each (to make 4 ice popsicles) while the Utspadd retails for S$5.90 for 4 individual pieces.

Freeze your favourite soda or flavoured drinks with these nifty little lolly makers and enjoy them once you reach home after a hot day out!


UNIQLO Supima Cotton tees

I swear by this and all the basic tees in my wardrobe are UNIQLO Supima cotton tees. The texture is silky smooth and comprises less than 1% of the world’s cotton.

It is light and airs well, perfect for the sweltering heat. After you gone Supima, there is no going back to regular cotton tees.

The best thing is, they are very affordable at UNIQLO and you don’t need to break a bank to buy these. During sale, they can go as low as S$10 a piece.

Here you go! These are our five recommendations to beat the crazy heat. If you have more suggestions, do share them in the comments below or drop us an email.