Who is Juwon Park? Alvinology takes a look at the woman who stood up to alleged sexism in the media workplace - Alvinology

Who is Juwon Park? Alvinology takes a look at the woman who stood up to alleged sexism in the media workplace

UPDATE: More complaints emerge against the same culprit and others in his unit; Juwon Park resigns.

Just in case you missed it, Channel NewsAsia TV producer, Juwon Park, is at the center of a possible investigation against one of her colleagues, who allegedly made inappropriate and sexist comments to her on one occasion.

In our report, we captured the full conversation that Park posted (and then took down after a few hours) about how her colleague commented on her breasts and suggested she should act dumb and stop being so smart to get ahead in her career.

So who is the woman who spoke up?

According to her LinkedIn account, Juwon Park was educated at Peking University and the University of Hong Kong. She finished with a degree in Journalism, Politics and Public Administration, where she was also a recipient of many awards and participated in an exchange program with China.

She was an intern for the United Nations and the Associated Press for almost a year, then transferred to Channel NewsAsia under another internship where she handled Singapore’s National Day.

She briefly worked in Bloomberg in North Korea as an intern as well. In 2015, she landed a job as a business intern in Google, where she became responsible for a 300% increase in editorial flow, which meant she changed the way Google handled stories.

Looking at her resume, Park is definitely on her way to becoming a corporate high-flier, given her stints at some of the world’s top companies like Google and Bloomberg, not to mentioned her solid academic credentials.

Her current job

Currently, Juwon is working as a TV producer in Channel NewsAsia, a part of MediaCorp. She said that this is actually her first job and the rest of her previous positions were merely internships.

She produces a show called Money Mind, which has been a long-running English-language show for the network. The 30-minute segment handles all things business.

It was in her current job here, in Singapore, where she mentioned sexism and difficulties in the workplace related to her gender. In a previous Facebook post that has now been hidden by her private profile, she said that Singapore culture is hard ot understand and may be the reason for such sexism.

While she did not mention that the person in her posted conversation was a colleague in MediaCorp, the company did contact Alvinology to say that they are investigating the matter.

Who is Juwon Park? Alvinology takes a look at the woman who stood up to alleged sexism in the media workplace - Alvinology

While the time and date of the above post is unclear, it could be related to her previous posting of the sexist conversation in question. if the allegations on this other post is true, the alleged sexism does not just stop with the one unnamed colleague exposed in the Whatsapp conversation.

More people could be implicated.

Outspoken, opinionated and eloquent

From her previous posts and Facebook profile (which is now under a Friends-only restriction), Park can be seen as quite opinionated on political matters. She spoke up during the South Korean textbook issue a few years ago, where she decried the government’s monopoly on the textbooks South Korean children used in school.

Take a look at the stories she’s been involved in here.

Here are two long form writing pieces she wrote herself for Channel NewsAsia.

Since the story broke yesterday, Juwon Park has placed her Facebook profile under a privacy restriction. In addition, her Twitter profile is gone. Perhaps this is the price to pay for speaking up.


  1. Alvinology should work first on fact-checking (Bloomberg in North Korea? As if) and try to grasp some basics of journalism ethics before tackling such serious issues. What good does delving into her background? And why is her job history even brought up and dissected here, it has nothing to do with the case. And useless clickbaity writeups such as this one can lead only to online bullying and victimising the person who’s just standing up for herself. Lastly, it’s quite amusing that a stalky piece that digs into someone else’s life and career was written by some anonymous ‘staff writer’. How convenient, innit?

  2. Sarport the above two commenters. I encourage everyone who is of the same mind to vote with your feet; if alvinology.com continues to fail in the quality control department, stop sharing and clicking on its articles.

  3. Dear nameless Staff Writer, please don’t quit your day job because this piece of “journalism” is riddled with inaccuracies. Are you so confident of reader apathy that you name your sources, assuming that no one will bother to cross-check to discover that you reword and skew with abandon? LinkedIn profiles are written by the individual and, depending on their innate honesty or otherwise, may be the truth as they see themselves or a complete puff piece. I know a guy who used to work for Mediacorp (not the cameraman in this story). In his LinkedIn profile, he took credit for half a dozen people’s work, up to and including the ex-CEO, which no doubt secured him his current job in one of the big banks. Ms Park naturally wrote well of herself, but it really takes the cake that her producing a video for National Day has been inflated by you to imply that she was the OIC for that event.

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