From snowskin options to traditional classics from TCC, Dean & Deluca and Emicakes, customers can purchase boxes of mooncakes at Deliveroo-exclusive prices and have them delivered in less than 30 minutes right to their doorsteps.

Take a look at all their mooncake offerings from all over Singapore.

The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) 

  • D’Classic with Melon Seed (4 pieces per box at $53.5)
  • D’Classic with Egg Yolk Blend (4 pieces per box at $58.85)
  • Royal Elixir Mini Snowskin
  • Grandeur Mini Snowskin
  • Majestic Mini Snowskin

If you order 8 pieces with 4 different flavours the price is $58.85 per box.


Cat & The Fiddle

  • The Cow Jumped Over The MoonCake
  • King Of The Moon – Mao Shan Wang Snowskin cheese mooncakes

Get 25% off the Cat & the Fiddle Mooncake series.

London Fat Duck

  • Double Yolk White Lotus Mooncake (4 pieces per box at $41.52)


  • 4 Large Authentic Yam Skin Snow Mooncakes $35.10 (usual price $54).
  • 4 Large D24 Durian Snowskin Mooncake Box Set $44.20 (usual price $68).
  • 10 Mini Authentic Yam Snowskin Mooncakes $32.50 (usual price $50).
  • 10 Mini D24 Durian Mooncake Box Set $41.60 (usual price $64).
  • 1 Set of 4 Large Snowskin Combo (Milk, Tea, Double Chocolate Oreo, Peach Mango, Yam and Cheese) $35.10 (usual price $54).


Dean & Deluca

Gift sets with a box of 4 includes:

  • Assorted flavours at $68
  • White Lotus Macadamia Single Yolk at $68
  • Double Yolk at $72
  • Maple Walnut at $72

Have you ordered any of these mooncakes yet? Let us know if they’re as tasty as they sound in the comments!