As we all know, Beauty World boasts of an enclave of late-night supper spots crawling with tasty eats you can’t miss.

You’d even be more pleased to know that a Thai F&B establishment has sprung up of late. It’s none other than a no-frills eatery serving up everyone’s favourite Thai cuisine – Time for Thai.

What’s more, all dishes are made from scratch – yes, even the curry pastes and herb mixes. Besides that, here’s why you have to make Time for Thai (no pun intended).

Authentic Thai cuisine at wallet-friendly prices

Prawn cake, S$10.90.

Any self-restraint is thrown out the window once you have a taste of this juicy deep-fried shrimp patty. The tangy plum sauce that comes on the side certainly complements the savoury taste of the shrimp snack.

When paired with the zesty sauce, the medley of flavours simply tantalise your tastebuds and you can’t help but reach out for more.

Barbeque Squid, S$14.90.

Essentially, the price range of the dishes is pretty affordable and the portions are generous so it’s ideal for sharing. Fret not, you won’t have to spend a bomb just to have a taste of Thailand at this foodie hotspot.

Classic Thai signatures you HAVE to try at Time for Thai

Thai Beef Noodle Soup with Tendons ($7.90).

Foodies won’t be able to resist this piping hot bowl of Thai Beef Noodle Soup with Tendons. It comes replete with a  tender and tasty beef balls, beef slices and tendons imbued with a rich sapid flavour.

A waft of the aroma coming from the full-bodied broth simply suffices to stimulate our tastebuds, which it sure did as it made its way to us.

Green Curry (S$7.90).

How can curry be missing in any Thai meal?

Green Curry is one quintessential dish you have to try at Time for Thai, especially with its strong flavour that is not in the least bit, overpowering. The vegetables and sweet basil leaves even lend a zesty touch to this hugely popular dish.

Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon Sauce, S$24.90. 

This Steamed Sea Bass with Lemon Sauce is also ideal for communal sharing, especially amongst large groups. Its huge serving size ensures everyone gets to savour this mouthwatering dish.

The tangy Lemon Sauce complements the fresh and unadulterated taste of the Sea Bass, particularly for those who prefer steamed fish.

A smorgasbord of Thai eats awaits you at Time for Thai

Aside from the usuals, you can take a pick from other interesting menu items such as the Iced Green Milk Tea.

Iced Green Milk Tea, S$3.

While it may be relatively unheard of, you won’t regret picking this drink as it’s light and easy on the palate. You’d rejoice upon hearing that a supposedly sugar-laden Milk Tea is no longer the case, as the Iced Green Milk Tea tastes less sweet than the usual milk teas.

The aroma from this Milk Tea comes through even stronger as the tea leaves from which it is brewed are much more fragrant than the average ones. This makes this drink hands-down our favourite and definitely, a go-to thirst quencher to beat the summer heat.

Thai Coconut, S$4.90.

Currently, this Thai food joint serves no pork and no lard. It is also in the process of getting Halal certified so in no time, everyone will be able to enjoy the myriad of delectable offerings at Time for Thai.

In case you didn’t notice, there is NO service charge and GST as well so you can eat to your heart’s delight.

More items will be also be introduced in due course, with an exciting Thai breakfast menu you have to keep your eyes peeled for.

If you are looking to satiate your fix for some Thai curry or tom yam, you know what to make time for.

Time for Thai 

Opening hours: 10pm to 4am (currently opens till 12am)

15 Cheong Chin Nam Road

Singapore 599739

For takeaways and reservations, please call 6909 3903.

If you need more information, head over here