Singapore-based company PopScoot will be the first to bring smart urban mobility to key downtown commercial, hospitality and retail clusters as well as the heartlands in September, via a new electric scooter co-sharing platform.

A soft launch near the end of August will see pilot docks deployed at ManuLife Centre, Republic Plaza, Tiong Bahru Plaza and City Square Mall.

The e-scooters will cost $2 for 30 minutes, with the first 10 minutes free of charge, local media The Straits Times reported.

With PopScoot, urbanites, tourists and delivery riders will enjoy easy, anytime access to last mile transit “without breaking a sweat”.

The first platform to use a Bluetooth app-based unlocking system, PopScoot releases e-scooters from their docks instantaneously when activated through mobile phones.

The in-app GPS provides the ability to locate available scooters around the island and track the travelling route of users.

As a location-based mobile solution, it is also able to turn docking locations into data hotspots in the future.

PopScoot is capable of deploying both a dockless system supported by a remote immobilisation capability; and a self-charging docked system that is modular, expandable and drill-less.

This unique combination caters to wide-ranging location-specific requirements and allows for fast and smooth deployment.

All photos courtesy of PopScoot.