10 best Halal caterers in Singapore with option for prata live station - Alvinology

10 best Halal caterers in Singapore with option for prata live station

At a party, food is just as equally important as the company of people. With hundreds of caterers in Singapore, the team at Alvinology.com sussed out 10 best Halal caterers if you are expecting Muslim friends among your guests.

Prices quoted include tax and featured buffet menu is the cheapest of the options.

Casuarina Curry

Available since the 1980s, Casuarina Curry in Jalan Kayu is considered by many to be the Mecca of prata-lovers. Catering prices start from $11.77 per person. There’s a buffet menu where a live prata station is included ($17.12 per person) – yes, you get your own private prata chef. A vegetarian buffet option ($8.56 per person) is also available.

10 best Halal caterers in Singapore with option for prata live station - Alvinology
Photo via Mrs See, a customer who held a baby shower in 2014.

Curry Pot Catering 

A wide selection of choices on the menu is available including its signature curry chicken. Customer can also opt to customise the menu from a range of local delights. A Blue Ginger buffet 11-course menu ($19.15 per person) is one of the choices under its regular buffet option. Food options include Assam Fish Curry, Crispy Chicken marinated with Prawn Paste and Baked Scallop on Shell with Cheese & Cilantro.

Tim Delight 

Owned and managed by Gim Tim Group of Restaurant, Tim Delight has over a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry. A nine-course buffet menu ($11.55 per person) caters to a minimum of 50 people where options include Signature Curry Chicken with Potato and Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken Floss. This basic menu comes with a complimentary drink.

CJC Catering 

A well-known caterer in the market with more than two decades of experience, an Asian buffet menu ($9.52 per person) serves an eight-course meal at parties and corporate events. Options include Fried Rice with Crab Meat, Japanese Style Chicken Katsu and Buttered French Bean.

Fostre Catering 

At $16.05 per person, a basic 10-course buffet menu from Fostre Catering includes Nyonya Assam Chili Prawn Ngo Hiang, Deep Fried Beancurd Skin wrapped Minced Chicken With Sweet Black Sauce and Marinated Jelly Fish With Shredded Green Mango for appetizer.

Mum’s Kitchen

A one-stop caterer for all occasions, Mum’s Kitchen has catering options for baby full month celebration, baby’s 1st birthday, wedding, and even 80th birthday where foods symbolizing longevity such as noodles and buns are available. A butler service package ($40.66 per person) includes staff from the caterer. Guests get a range of hot and cold canapés such as Lychee with Coriander Chicken Stuffing and Avocado and Crabmeat Crostini with drinks.


A local food delivery and catering start-up that’s been around for a few years, Grain is an online restaurant that leverages data and a tech-enabled distribution network to serve food to customers. Its daily menu is ever-changing therefore you may have to wait for a while to have your favourite again. Best of all, Grain serves healthy food. Options for a classic eight-course buffet ($13.91 per person) includes Thai BBQ Chicken Salad with glass noodles, Signature Penang Kapitan Chicken Malaysian chicken curry and Corn Pumpkin Butter Pilaf with California raisin.

Rilassi (Thai Cuisine) 

This eatery cooks up a storm of Thai meals such as country-style bass fish, tom yum, and sweet treats like Thai red ruby with coconut milk. A basic buffet menu – Blue Sapphire buffet ($16.90 per person) serves a 10-course meal where options include Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Clear or Red), Stir-fry Minced Beef with Basil Leaf and Sambal Tiger Prawn.

AM Chef Catering

Established in 2000, the Halal certified caterer specialises in Chinese, Thai-Chinese, Malay and western culinary. Catering menu starts from $9.80 per pax for a minimum of 35 people, with eight items to choose from eight categories.


A young set-up in the catering field, DesKitchen’s buffet prices start from $7.90 per person for a seven-course meal. Also serves bento and high-tea offerings for corporate and seminar events. A barbecue 12-course buffet (from $14 per person) is available for parties where customers can choose items such as prawns marinated with garlic butter ready to grill on silver foil.

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