Whenever lunch time comes around, you often find yourself undecided.

Well, one thing’s for sure – Kanda Wadatsumi saves you the trouble of having to rack your brains on where to get lunch.

If you have a penchant for fresh Japanese cuisine, here’s why you shouldn’t miss authentic and fresh-tasting Japanese delicacies at Kanda Wadatsumi.

Signature Bara Chirashi Don

Chirashi Don, S$35.

Don lovers can’t help but to reach out for another serving of its signature Chirashi Don. This bowl of hearty goodness comes replete with fresh egg roes; tuna, salmon sashimi and more. Each don also comes with salad, appetiser, Miso Soup and pickles – and we promise you will be satisfied after the meal.

The medley of sea flavours in this yummy bowl is bound to entice your palate with its exceeding freshness. If you really need to satiate your fix for don, now you know where to hit up.

Wagyu Steak Don, S$48.

While this particular Wagyu Steak Don may be pricer, it’s certainly for good reason.

The medium rare steak hit all the right spots as the succulent slices of wagyu steak tantalised our tastebuds with its sapid flavour. Topped off with seaweed, broccoli and mushrooms, the Wagyu Steak Don is a perfect bowl of delight beef lovers mustn’t miss!

Delight your tastebuds with these not-to-be-missed sides

Tamago Yaki, S$6.

If you are craving for something eggy, then Tamago Yaki will be your go-to side.

While this Japanese-style egg omelette may strike you as ubiquitous in Japanese restaurants, egg lovers will beg to differ. You will know why after it leaves a melt-in-your-mouth kind of goodness upon your first bite.

Besides, the silky soft texture of the egg only further whets our appetite.

Chawanmushi, S$8.

What’s that one dish you always seem to order in Japanese restaurants? Well, it is no different here as the Chawanmushi is highly recommended by the chef.

This quintessential side sets itself apart from the average chawanmushi with its steamed egg custard tasting exceptionally smooth. It even comes with fresh egg roes; now this treat-ful dish is simply bursting with more eggy flavour.

Beef Tataki, S$38.

Beef lovers will be digging the hint of smokiness in these slightly seared slices of beef.

As you tuck into this mouthwatering Beef Tataki, you will find that the centre of the sliced beef is slightly raw. On that count, the chef has simply nailed it as this different texture gives the tender beef a more full-bodied flavour.

What’s more, the beef is well complemented by the sapid dipping sauce that enhances the smoky flavour of the beef.

Vege Tempura, S$15.

Even non-veg lovers won’t be able to resist this one. Unlike other tempura dishes, this Vege Tempura is flavoursome yet light-tasting at the same time. Fret not, it doesn’t leave you with a oily aftertaste.

It is perfect for sharing given a wide assortment of five different deep fried vegetables.

Varied seasonal menu highlighting different prefectures

Depending on the season, the restaurant also showcases disparate specialty dishes from different prefectures in Japan. Now you get to savour some of the freshest fish and seafood at Kanda Wadatsumi as it flies in distinctive seasonal ingredients from Japan.

Currently, there is a seasonal menu available for Nagasaki prefecture – Nagasaki Fair Menu. In this menu, there is a wide array of fresh fish and octopus to choose from as well as recommended sake pairings to best enjoy your sashimi with.

Special promo code for lunch

Chef’s Selection Sashimi Plate.

During lunch time, simply use ‘KWLunch’ and you will be entitled to a complimentary ‘Chef’s Selection Sashimi Plate’.

*This promo code is valid until the end of September. 

Can your lunch time get any better than this?

Kanda Wadatsumi

50 Tras Street

Singapore 078989

Opening hours: 12-3pm, 6-11pm daily except Sundays