In anticipation of the Mid-Autumn Festival next month, Starbucks has made its yearly mooncakes available since August 16. You can get these at any Starbucks store in Singapore individually or in a box of eight.

Take a look at the mooncakes being offered:

The Yuzu White Lotus Paste with Red Bean features a zesty yuzu and white lotus paste with a subtly sweet red bean center.

Bite into the aromatic Starbucks Matcha Green Tea with Black Sesame mooncake and enjoy the roasty notes of matcha-infused white lotus paste that’s complemented perfectly with rich black sesame.

The Starbucks Coffee White Lotus Paste with Maple Walnut is made of the signature coffee blend mixed with white lotus paste and tossed with chopped maple roasted walnuts.

Traditional White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk mooncakes are up for grabs! A customer favorite for its subtle sweetness, smooth and fragrant white lotus paste.

Who can possibly say no to the Chocolate with Cream Cheese Truffle mooncake?

This unique and flavorful Black Sesame with Yuzu Truffle mooncake has a yuzu truffle centreencased with black sesame-infused white lotus paste.

The Starbucks Coffee with Dark Chocolate Truffle contains a dark chocolate truffle centre.

Starbucks Mooncakes are on sale in all stores from 16th August 2017. Individual baked and snowskin mooncakes are also available in stores at $5.50 and $5.90 respectively.


Box sets of 8 assorted baked and 8 assorted snowskin mooncakes are priced at $55.90 and $59.90 respectively. Enjoy discounts on these if you pay using your Starbucks Card or if you purchase in bulk!

Images from Starbucks