52 Tales is a mentorship-cum-exhibition runned by youths, supported by the National Youth Council in celebration of Youth Month and brought to you by Noise Singapore and the Band of Doodlers who call themselves White Space Bandits on a mission to rid the world of blank walls.

The exhibition features 52 tales in the form of artworks that are representative of Singapore’s 52 years of nation building. Like the many hands that built our nation, 104 local and international artists have put in their collective efforts to bring to the public this exhibition, hoping to let people know that the Singapore identity is a summation of all the years of toil, sacrifice and contribution of pioneers and future generation alike. This is the Singapore narrative based on local legends, passions, facts and folklore, reimagined through the perspectives of young and budding artists.

Myths & Superstitions

Passing from generation to generation are these local myths and legends that many Singaporean children grow up with. An entrance for spirits, having a spouse cursed with pimples and rolling fruit into one’s new home are but some of the stories that have continued to entertain and perhaps horrify those who hear them.

Iconic Places

In the last five decades, the city of Singapore has taken on a dramatic change, a clear indicator of how the country has grown in fortune and success. Set against glittering skyscrapers, notable buildings such as the Marina Bay Sands and one of the world’s largest ferris wheels make Singapore’s skyline instantly recognizable. These stories provide an intimate insight into how these buildings came about.

The Heart of the Singaporean

A little red dot on the map, small in size but by no means tiny in passion, Singaporeans are known for their outlandish passions. The heartbeat of many Singaporeans laid down within the context of the stories that form part and parcel of life on this side of paradise.

Legends & Folklore

Accounts of bravery abound within these tales that form the fabric of Singapore’s folklore and legends. While some are based on fact and others based on myth, the stories of these heroes and heroines from times old and new never fail to inspire and highlight the tribulations upon which the foundation of Singapore was built on.

What makes this showcase unique is that each artwork with a given theme is a collaboration between two artists under the guidance of senior mentors, reminding us that there is always two sides to a tale.

These artworks are also available as a playing deck consisting of 52 cards (S$20) with the different suits Spades, Hearts, Diamonds & Clubs represented by the different categories in the exhibition and each artwork printed on a card. A hardcover 52 Tales Book (S$25) and other merchandise like the Sketchbook (S$20) and Band of Doodlers Enamel Pin (S$10) are also available.

Get a complimentary drawing (of yourself or your cat/dog) by one of the artists available on the spot, with any purchase.

There’s also a Doodle Wall if you want to try your hands on doodling for fun.

The Band of Doodlers – 52 Tales Exhibition will run for two months from now till 29 September 2017 at Capitol Piazza (#01-23) and admission is free. Go check it out and see if you too have similar interpretations of Singapore as these young artists.