Check into an immersive experience at the new Terminal 4 in Changi Airport

The newest kid on the flying ground in Singapore will have you bedazzled.

What are we talking about? It is none other than the spanking new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport soon to be revealed.

It can handle an impressive capacity of 16 million passengers per annum alongside nine airlines operating in this terminal alone.

The next time you make your way to Changi Airport, expect to check into an immersive experience at Terminal 4 and here’s why.

Immersive wall that ignites your wanderlust 

Your desire to different parts of the world only intensifies when you see this 70m x 5m long Immersive Wall. This riveting wall spans across the Central Departure Security Screening area where bags and body checks are conducted.

Long gone are the days where you feel mentally stressed as the LED display soothes your senses with 17 immersive content capsules. Each lasts for about two to four minutes, giving travellers and tourists alike a glimpse of the splendid Singapore’s skyline, ASEAN landmarks and more.

The high-definition content, totalling 50 minutes for the whole cycle is produced by Moment Factory, a Montreal-based multimedia entertainment studio specialising in creating immersive and engaging experiences.

Peranakan Love Story playing at Heritage Zone 

Terminal 4 pays homage to the rich Peranakan heritage in Singapore, especially during the evolution of its culture from the 1880s to the 1950s. You will see nine panels reflecting the unique architectural styles often seen in the likes of the Katong and Chinatown areas – from Baroque to Rococo, to Peranakan and finally to Modern Deco.

While you’re admiring the cultural design of this Heritage Zone, treat your eyes to a visual feast with ‘Peranakan Love Story’. Set in 1930s Singapore, This spectacular six-minute short film of a love story is the brainchild of prominent local composer and artiste, Dick Lee.

Be held in rhapsody as you watch the short film play before on a 10m x 6m LED screen spanning two shopfront bays on the Peranakan facade of the shophouses.

The unlikely romance between two passionate musicians living next to each other stars local talents Adrian Pang, Koh Chieng Mun, Amy Cheng and Benjamin Kheng. You can even enjoy take-outs from the local F&B outlets housed within the shophouse architecture such as Curry Times, Heavenly Wang and more.

Be careful you don’t get so engrossed with the performance you miss your flight!

Petalclouds and petals everything

While it may not be common to see kinetic installations in airports, Terminal 4 takes the airport terminal experience up a notch with this moving artwork.

As the installation was inspired by orchid petals, Petalclouds hold a symmetrical shape that can be found throughout the architecture and interiors of the terminal. In total, there are six identical sculptures spanning along Central Galleria and visible to travellers from all vantage points.

Each Petalcloud consists of 16 individual petal elements that are each suspending on two motors with four wires. The wires are used to animate the movement of the petals as well as to transmit power to the lighting elements inside them.

You can even find the signature petal motifs on the ceilings at Terminal 4. The hallmark symbol is found all across the terminal, even in the shape of the bin and on the carpeted ground.

Based on just this alone, Changi Airport Terminal 4 is easily one of the most well and thoughtfully designed terminals in the world.

Insta-worthy art sculptures and seats

Les Oiseaux (The Birds) by Cedric Le Borgne (France). Location: Arrival & Departure Halls, Public Area.

This contemplative artwork of three bird sculptures made of stainless steel wires, greet passengers in the Arrival and Departure Halls. It’s hard to look past this glorious art piece, especially with its luminosity radiating from within.

Out of the three birds, one bird is perched on the ground while the other two are suspended in mid-air, soaring high. The three birds, each with a different attitude, symbolise the connection between sky and earth, between dream and reality, reflecting the poetry of daily life.

It surely isn’t a visually immersive experience without insta-worthy art sculptures and receptacles to take a photo of. There are over 1, 500 of such seats scattered across the airport terminal for you to take a respite or simply give you an excuse for some photo-taking.

You won’t believe these are seats you can actually sit on because they look so cute!
Even more more intriguingly shaped seats for you to take a photo of.

Terminal 4 has surely outdone its peer when it comes to melding elements of arts into an airport terminal experience.

Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) at T4

Terminal 4 will also be the first terminal at Changi Airport to integrate facial recognition technology with end-to-end self-service options.

From check in, bag drop to immigration and boarding, self-service options are available for a truly fast and seamless travel. Bag drop is easily done as the platform is lowered to the passenger the trouble of lifting one’s heavy luggage.

There is even the use of facial recognition technology, which is integrated in the FAST process to authenticate the passenger’s identity.

You can be sure of the state-of-the-art technology incorporated into each check point at the new terminal as T4 now offers a fully automated departure process.

Flying from Changi Airport has never been more exciting.

T4 Open House will be running from 7 to 20 August 2017, with all 200, 000 tickets taken up.

Once operational readiness trials – currently in the final stage – have been completed, T4 operations will commence.

You can find more information here


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