This year’s National Day Parade will have its first 360 degree live stream with Virtual Reality (VR) support.

There are six pre-recorded videos that will be intertwined with the pre-recorded clips to provide the most engaging experience possible.

1. Singapore Armed Forces’ (SAF) Red Lions free falling

2. Naval divers jumping into the water

3. Navy giving a high speed chase 

4. Armour Engineer Vehicle clearing obstacles 

5. SAF and Home Team countering terrorism 


6. Fireworks

If you can’t attend the NDP on 9 August, you can watch it live on the NDPeeps Youtube channelTo get a sneak peak, you can watch the videos on the NDP YouTube page.

You can join in the fun in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get VR Gear.

Step 2: Pair it with your mobile device.

Step 3: Go live!

As VR headsets are not widely used, the organisers have also made viewing possible on laptop and tablet.

Watching it on your laptop allows you to scroll around 360 degrees, making you feel as though you’re among those at the floating platform watching the parade.