The gorgeous Korean goddess, Park Shin Hye made a special appearance at Mamonde Tangs Vivocity as brand ambassador for Mamonde Singapore.

As the premier brand for floral-based Korean skincare and cosmetics, K-beauty and K-drama fans were in for a treat with a wide array of goodness formulated from flowers.

You can be sure a bevy of eager fans and supporters alike, turned up at Vivocity just to catch a glimpse of Park.

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

Park Shin Hye reveals her top Mamonde beauty picks

As Park shared her secret to flawless skin and top beauty picks from Mamonde, the crowd was held in rhapsody by her radiant aura.

She let us in on her skincare must-haves, including the best-seller and cult classics Mamonde Rose Water Toner, Pure White Ultra Active Essence and Calendula Essence Sun Milk.

She went on to reveal that “her best beauty advice would be to hydrate and moisturise” alongside stressing the importance of cleansing your make-up.

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

Specifically, Mamonde Lotus Micro Eye & Lip Remover is gentle on the delicate areas around the eye, yet thorough in make-up removal.

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

When it comes to her skin hydration, she carries with her the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist spray. Every two to three hours, she spritzes the hydrating mist onto her face.

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

Besides that, she never starts the day without her trusty Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream. Needless to say, it’s her favourite moisturiser.

A mask a day is one thing that Park swears by, especially when she has long hours of travelling and filming. While she admitted that few hours of sleep and arduous process of filming do take a toll on her skin, the Pure White Ultra Active range does wonder to her skin.

Aside from conferring firming and whitening benefits, the skin absorbs Pure White Ultra Active Essence even better when you massage a dime-sized amount onto your skin. It also improves blood circulation.

Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Balm. Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

Last but not least, Park is smitten with the Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint or Creamy Tint Balm as the one product to have. A great lip colour never fails to bring out the oomph in whichever look you’re going for.

Mamonde ‘Garden in the City’

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

At Vivocity, the top four spenders at Mamonde TANGS were invited up on stage for a photo-taking session with Park.

Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

The top two spenders were then pleasantly surprised to be called back on stage, where they received special bouquets from Park personally.

Park also shared a photo with top beauty and lifestyle influencers in Singapore. Photo courtesy of Mamonde Singapore.

As this visit was part of her promotional tour for her upcoming film, ‘Heart Blackened’, Park revealed details of her refreshing role as an attorney in this much-anticipated film.

Mamonde ‘Garden in the City’ is still ongoing, till 27 July at Central Court A in the atrium space of Vivocity.