If you’re undecided on which smartphone to buy now, we save U the trouble.

The latest flagship smartphone from HTCU11 – is poised to give others a serious run for their money.

Whether is it its ‘squeeze’ selfie-taking function or its unique HTC Edge Sense, HTC remains at the top of its game.

As HTC continues to lead the pack with the world’s first-ever selfie ‘squeeze’ function alongside other revolutionary features in U11, here’s why this phone might just be the squeeze in your hand.

Superb camera features

In this digital age, it goes without saying that the camera of a smartphone can make it or break it. When it comes to HTC U11, it’s definitely a case of winning.

Squeeze is literally a function you can use in HTC U11 as it takes away the need to press buttons to take a selfie. After putting HTC U11 to the test, we immediately swooned over the selfie-taking function, which is designed in such an ergonomic way for users to take the perfect selfies.

Squeeze your HTC U11 as you say “Cheese”!

Those who love to take selfies rejoice as the new front camera combines high-resolution 16MP detail and UltraPixel light sensitivity for stunning selfies in any light condition. Both the front and back cameras are high-performing while using the same HDR Boost and noise reduction.

The impressive camera in HTC U11 makes every mealtime a foodie’s moment.

The sophisticated smartphone boasts of superior image quality, especially with the new UltraSpeed AutoFocus. It has the same full sensor auto-focus technology found in top DSLR camera for quick-fire focus speeds and impeccable performance.

Shaky hands are simply the least of your problems – especially with exceptional optical and electronic stabilisation systems to keep your photos and videos stable and crisp.

HTC U11 comes with a stunning liquid glass surface design and is dust, splash and water resistant up to 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

There’s even an option to save the images in RAW format to retain most information stored in the camera. Shutterbugs can also shoot in Pro Mode to control the level of white balance as well as ISO level.


Hyper-lapse and 3D audio recording quality

Did we also mention that you can do a hyper-lapse video straight in your phone? It just gives more oomph to an otherwise basic-looking video and we simply can’t get enough of this.

If this hyper-lapse video is too slow or fast for your liking, simply adjust the speed as you please. In fact, the fastest speed is 12 times the original while the slowest speed is twice the original.

Even while recording videos, the innovative Acoustic Focus technology ensures the audio is recorded from all directions. The 3D sound quality is not at all compromised despite zooming in; specific sounds can still be amplified.

Now this is one smartphone photography and videography enthusiasts have to get a hold of.


A smartphone personalised for U

HTC U11’s practically a phone made for U as you can personalise your audio profile to your preferences.

As you use the latest flagship smartphone from HTC for the first time, it will prompt you to tune the audio to suit your individual hearing.

In just a couple of seconds, the earphones’ sound output is tuned to the unique inner structure of your ears.

HTC U11 can even analyse the profile of your inner ears before finding the perfect audio output fit for you.

All you have to do is to allow HTC USonic earphones scan your ear structure with a sequence of specially tuned sounds. Simply mind-blowing how you can even customise your audio profile.

HTC Sense Companion gives you updates on the weather as well as dishes out marvellous dining recommendations. The HTC U11 is more than a smartphone – it’s equivalent to your personal assistant.

HTC Sense Companion is essentially the personal assistant you have always wanted.

Whether is it reminding you to recharge your phone before your appointment or giving you marvellous restaurant recommendations, you can’t live without this app. HTC takes convenience to the next level with this smart digital companion that makes sure no imminent need of yours is left unattended.

The revolutionary flagship smartphone from HTC – U11 – also comes in a glistening shade of Sapphire Blue.


 HTC Edge Sense

There’s so much more to touch interaction these days, especially with HTC U11.

As with its stellar record of being the first to introduce dual camera and 4G Android smartphone, HTC continues to push the envelope.

Introducing the next dimension in touch interaction, HTC gives us a taste of its iconic squeeze function in its flagship smartphone U11.

Aside from the selfie ‘squeeze’ function, this intuitive feature allows you to customise the action. In other words, you can launch Camera app or Google voice assistance just by the action of squeezing your phone.

The number of tasks you can accomplish with a single squeeze gesture doesn’t end there. Launching an app – whichever one you want – or taking a screenshot are now made easy without the push of any buttons. Squeeze is literally the word when it comes to navigating through the game-changing U11.



HTC U11 is bound to be a crowd-pleaser for its game-changing features all captured within a brilliant phone. It simply hit all the right spots – be it the camera or the ability to customise your phone according to your touch.

It’s safe to say each time HTC rolls out a flagship smartphone, it surpasses our expectations.

For us, HTC U11 hits the bull’s-eye when it comes to what we want in a dream phone.

HTC U11 is now available in three striking liquid glass colours – Amazing Silver, Sapphire Blue and Brilliant Black – with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Visit here for more details. 


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