Facebook comment threads can be amusing, disgusting, discouraging or plain weird sometimes. Yet large companies seem to be immune (mostly) to any bad social media backlash as long as it’s not about poisonous food.

We’re sure McDonald’s Belgium wanted to have some good old-fashioned french fry fun with their promotion last June 21 when they asked their followers to make the longest digital fry. To commemorate the longest day of the year, they asked their Facebook followers for a little help with creating the longest digital french fry. Take a look:

All you had to do was paste the image above in the comments and the next commenter would keep on going until..well, until it stopped. At least, that’s what they hoped would happen.

Instead, the internet did what it usually does, and trolls the thing with this. Come on, do you think people on social media could resist the opportunity?

While others just ended it. Boo. Props to their photoshop skills, though (and free time). We wish we had as much free time.



Pretty funny, right? And all the commenter had to do was fiddle a bit with the photo. But wait! There’s more. Someone decided to make a personal appearance and surprise everyone:

It turns out netizens had the best photos ready for an occasion such as this. Who knew? Maybe we should all start saving clever photos with captions to make ourselves look smart on social media–oh wait aren’t those called memes?

What’s an internet thing without a d*ck pic, right? Wolverine also made an appearance. Maybe Logan wouldn’t have been so depressing if he was made of french fries instead of adamantium. We’d take that super power any day.

Other well-loved memes also made an appearance. You can’t have a photo challenge without this guy, aka the “please-photoshop-the-thing-into-my-hand” guy.

You can’t have a photo challenge without a potato. Was it lazy to post this comment? Or was it genius?

Someone had the munchies when they posted this too.

Did the Belgians feel that they got trolled? We think not, and for good reason! McDonald’s Belgium was pretty happy with the results and even offered to send the best photo a prize.

But what really made us laugh (and probably perplexed the Belgians) was how a longtime fast food industry rival from the Philippines made an appearance:

That was pretty savage.

Rivaling McDonald’s in the Philippines, Jollibee has over 750 stores in the country, which easily trounces McDonald’s 500 branches in the same country, according to reports.

When one Filipino chimes in, you can expect a lot of them to start getting in on the joke, sometimes not as subtly as you’d hope:

We wonder what the Belgians thought of this. As of posting, they haven’t replied to the Jollibee photos yet. Would they even know how savage it was? If a Filipino wins, do they still get the prize? Head on over to the Facebook post here if you want to contribute to this funny thing that’s still getting comments.

You never know, you might just win for yourself a picture of a Belgian french fry that can be used both horizontally and vertically.

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