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Ma Ling luncheon meat found to contain allergens or residual antibiotics

Ma Ling luncheon meat found to contain allergens or residual antibiotics

You may have had luncheon meat for your last meal or just yesterday.

In case you didn’t know, Ma Ling luncheon meat was recently found to contain allergens or residual antibiotics.

The report came from the Consumer Council of Hong Kong after a test on samples taken from various canned luncheon meat, as well as canned and bottled sausages.

Apparently, the previous time Ma Ling was embroiled in such a food scare wasn’t the last.

Remember when nitrofurans – a banned substance – was found in Ma Ling luncheon meat back in 2007?

The lab test was ran on a total of 25 types of luncheon meat alongside samples from 8 canned and bottled sausages.

After conducting the lab test, up to 199.3mg of sulfonamides antibiotics was found in every kilogram of Ma Ling luncheon meat.

A council officer has pointed out that this specific type of antibiotics is typically used to treat pigs suffering from atrophic rhinitis.

Image via ShopCentral.

If consumed by humans, these residual veterinary antibiotics are likely to raise the risk of in vivo resistance to bacteria in our bodies.

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Some individuals may also be allergic to these antibiotics, where side effects entail rashes and redness on the face, mouth and tongue.

Another officer has also remarked that six of the luncheon meat samples tested had higher-than-labelled level of sodium content.

Since this finding, concerns have re-surfaced about food scandals involving unwanted ingredients, especially in a food product consumed by the masses.

Does this stop you from consuming canned luncheon meat in general? Besides, will this be the last we see of Ma Ling given how similar things have happened with the food manufacturer?

Update: AVA (Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) has clarified on June 16 that Ma Ling brand luncheon meat has cleared local food safety standards so far. The government body further assures the public that meat and meat products, including canned luncheon meat, are subjected to AVA’s inspections and sampling for compliance with their stringent food safety standards and requirements.

More details can be found in the post on AVA’s Facebook page below:

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  1. JK

    Can you provide a link to your source please

  2. Adel

    The say lechon meat made of human meat and i just saw on my facebook someone post it and i tried to search on google and it came out that maling came from human meat

    • Anonymous

      same here

    • Anonymous

      luncheon meat you mean

  3. Anonymous

    Is it really made of human meat?

  4. Harvey Bell

    That’s not true,there’s a lot of fake news on internet

  5. AJ

    I worked in MaLing factory before. It’s not 100% but there really is human meat. When I figured it out, I left. There are only a few who knew this.

    • Anonymous

      Is that for real?
      I cant believe it.

  6. Anonymous

    China is always on the top list of manufacturing defect products and sometimes fakes.and imitation

    • kamalarentalsjo

      maybe because they are almost a 1/4 of the world population bro ? Just sayin’



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