Beat the heat with the latest summer drinks from our ever-favourite Taiwanese food chain Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks®.

As the unrelenting sun rays beat down on us, nothing beats a thirst-quenching drink. While you’re at it, why not load up on nutrients and vitamins?

The household brand may be famous for their signature XXL Crispy Chicken, their new series of freshly made Taiwanese drinks in portable SIP&GO™ packs remind us why Shihlin Taiwan is one of our all-time favourite stalls.

These days, it is all about ease and convenience – you can now enjoy these tasty thirst-quenchers on the go effortlessly.

Here are three go-to drinks this summer at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks®. 

Winter Melon Tea (冬瓜茶)

This specially brewed winter melon tea is refreshing with a pleasant aftertaste that stays in your mouth. We love that it not excessively sweet to the extent we feel like it is just sugar we are drinking.

The last thing we like in our drink is sugar overkill – we prefer the natural taste of winter melon.

High in vitamins B1, B3 and C, the soothing Winter Melon Tea is also believed to help prevent flu and colds while maintaining one’s energy levels and promoting good digestive health.

Honey Lemon Cooler (蜂蜜檸檬水)

Rich in vitamin C, Honey Lemon Cooler comes with antibacterial and collagen boosting properties. Ladies will relish this drink as a flawless and radiant complexion is attributed to the magical ingredient – collagen.

Remember how our grandparents or parents would advise us to drink Honey Lemon whenever we feel a sore throat coming on? There is a reason for that. The natural and soothing sensation of this cooling drink helps to prevent and remedy sore throat.

If anything, this is certainly a drink you can have any time of the day.

Smoked Plum Juice (烏梅汁)

As its name suggests, you can taste the smokiness of the plum juice – but it is subtle. Smoked plum lovers won’t be able to say no to this healthy beverage. Savour the distinctive zing of this zesty Smoked Plum Juice and you will see why it is a hit, especially when you feel heaty.

If you’re facing any tummy issues, smoked plums may come in handy. These plums work well in treating digestive disorders and are also believed to keep cancer and age-related macular degeneration at bay.

SIP&GO™ bags

As you zip around, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks® now allows you to hydrate yourself easily with flavourful drinks packaged in innovative, resealable and creatively designed SIP&GO™ bags.

Come to think of it, we are now really craving for some Handmade Oyster Mee Sua and hands-down our favourite drink of the moment Honey Lemon Cooler. Excuse us while we head over to one of their fifteen outlets (outlet in North Point opening soon) here in Singapore.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks® has also revamped its menu offerings with value sets, offering more bang for your bucks. Each value sets includes a main snack of your choice, a medium serving of its signature and must-try Sweet Plum Potato Fries as well as your choice of fresh-made drink.

For more information on Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, please visit their website or their Facebook page