Stuck waiting for a flight, or simply looking for a spot of afternoon indulgence? Why not check out Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s latest Afternoon Tea for Two? You can while away the afternoon while indulging in a mixture of sweet and savoury canapés. Admittedly, Singapore doesn’t really have a high tea culture, but the Crowne Plaza’s set really makes me wonder why we don’t indulge in this more often.

The menu offers both sweet and savoury treats.

Savoury Treats

Tomato and prosciutto tart.

Quiche lorraine

Croque monsieur

Steamed chilli crabmeat bun

Deep-fried yam dumpling stuffed with roasted chicken

Crystal mushroom dumpling

Crowne Plaza provided a refreshing Asian twist on the typical afternoon tea experience. The savoury treats were really interesting and provided a welcome infusion of Asian flavours. It balanced out the sweet canapés really well. For me, the steamed chilli crab meat bun was a particular standout. The light sweetness of the bun went really well with the spice from the crab.

The deep-fried yam dumpling stuffed with roasted chicken was good too, with crispy fried yam wrapped around juicy and flavourful chicken. For extra flavour, try it with the homemade garlic chilli sauce. Shoutout to the tomato prosciutto for instantly bringing back to my childhood – the crust tastes exactly like Pizza pretz, just a lot classier.

Sweet Canapés

Raspberry & grey goose cream macaroon

Valrhona white chocolate mousse filled with wild berries coulis

Blackberries marble cheesecake

Freshly cooked crepe wrapped with mixed berries & brie


Maybe it was because we tackled it after the savoury canapés, but the sweet section was a little harder to get through. That being said, Crowne Plaza provides a good mix of both classic and contemporary treats. If you have a sweet tooth (like me) this will thrill you. I really enjoyed the Valrhona white chocolate mousse – it was both creamy and light, and the tang of the berry coulis balanced it out well. The addition of little toppings like wafer balls made all the difference.

The blackberries marble cheesecake stood out too, not just because of its lurid colours. The cake was soft and melt-in-your-mouth perfect, with a buttery biscuit base.

Freshly made crepes are a definite treat!

What really sets this tea set apart is the live station they have for the crepes. It was great fun watching the crepes get made, although we did cringe a little at the amount of whipped cream that was added. That being said, it balanced out really nicely with the brie cheese – the brie added a rich depth to crepe’s taste that kept it from being just another sugary treat.

From here, the spread doesn’t look like much, but for people with small appetites like me, it was really a lot to get through. I skipped lunch knowing I’d be having tea and even then it was struggling to try and clear the plate. Bring an empty stomach and a big appetite!


The Afternoon Tea set also comes with Dilmah Tea’s finest tea series – you can choose between their Very Special Tea or Gourmet Tea range. Otherwise, you can choose mocktails or coffee.

Crowne Plaza’s all-new High Tea is available from 2 pm – 5 pm daily at the Lobby Lounge. Each High Tea set serves two people and is worth $48++.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Level 1, Lobby Lounge
75 Airport Boulevard