Meet Uncle David.

His story is just like that of many other ordinary Singaporeans around us. His worries are no more special or less ordinary, but all the more real:

In his darkest moment, Uncle David was helped by the ordinary students around him. I am sure we all have come across many like others like Uncle David in our lives. Did you stop and pay a little more attention?

Are you touched by this short film series?

This has happened in real life many times before. Like when Singaporeans rallied together to help during national crises like during the 2004 Nicoll Highway collapse and the SARS outbreak in Singapore in 2003. Ordinary Singaporeans came together to help one another through these difficult periods.

When the going gets tough, it’s the people around us who keep us strong. In every little thing we do in our daily lives, we are helping to build community resilience, just by being a little more attentive to the needs of those around us – just like those who helped Uncle David.

These actions help to strengthen community bonds, which will in turn help the community to bounce back in difficult times. During the Kampung days in Singapore, it’s called Gotong Royong or the Kampung Spirit.

It’s not that hard actually, with some self-confidence and assurance, everyone can play a part in building a more resilience society, towards a better Singapore.

Next time you see someone in need of help, don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand and be a force for good. Your one little action will spark the subsequent actions of many others to rally a community. This is what makes us proud to call ourselves One Singapore.

This post has been presented by the Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth but all thoughts and opinions are my own.