How much money do you waste every day? - Alvinology

How much money do you waste every day?

Take a banknote, whichever you like, and set it on fire. Or throw it into the garbage bin (and leave it there). You aren’t going to do that because it would mean you waste money. Only that you do it anyway, you just can’t see it.

Being responsible about money and spending takes some time and effort. Not everybody is born with the ability to find new ways of saving cash on a daily basis. Most people need to learn that skill in the process which starts once we get independent and find a job. What then? Old habits die hard and if you want to see a brighter future in your finances, you must quickly change some of them.

How much money do you waste every day? - Alvinology

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The increase in water bills scheduled for July 2017 is a dread for many people in the country and it requires immediate action. If you don’t want to drown in water bills piling up on your desk, be more responsible about your water usage. Don’t let the tab run carelessly when you don’t need it and don’t water your garden plants in the middle of the day. Repair leaky faucets and if you need any tools, purchase them online. Great savings are lining up ahead of you.

How do you do your shopping? Upon leaving your work, when you’re tired or starving? It’s a proven fact that you will indulge in buying junk food and products you didn’t plan to buy but your hunger has told you otherwise. When you want to get home as soon as possible, you might end up buying whatever is the closest on the store’s shelf, which is the easiest way to throw away an excess amount of money. Instead, do most or all your shopping online. We have asked, experts in online shopping, about differences in purchases and it turns out that you could save up to 40% on your regular spending. Sounds appealing.

If you can’t go a day without proper breakfast, shop for healthy and nutritious food rather than sugary pastries. Start with an oatmeal topped with fresh fruit and some dark chocolate. It will ensure you have plenty of energy to kick-start your day and the chocolate will elevate your mood with all the magnesium inside. No time to shop for groceries, you say? Wrong! You can now easily purchase all of your grocery essentials online and save on delivery if you buy non-perishable items in bulk.

How much money do you waste every day? - Alvinology

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If you’re a coffee lover, make it your goal to become your very own private barista. Buy a proper coffee machine and start making this amazing beverage at home. Add whipped cream, caramel syrup and raspberry sprinkles – whatever you like. It will soon prove to be a much more cost-effective solution than getting a $5 mug every single day. You will also avoid all the chemicals added to the artificial toppings.

If you like to order takeaways, don’t stay loyal to your usual eatery for too long. It might be delicious and the service is probably spot on but try other things – places which run promotions from time to time. Go from Italian to Chinese to American and so on. Not only will you save money right there but you will also try new flavors and possibly find a new favorite one. Again, try ordering online – Foodpanda, uberEATS, Deliveroo are fighting tooth and claw to provide the best promotions for their users.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a genius to become responsible for your own finances. The economy has proven to be unstable at times and we in Singapore are not immune to fluctuations in the stock markets. We’re like everybody else and if we want to ensure we have something to look forward in years to come, we need to start saving money today. It isn’t difficult, it isn’t harsh on our lifestyle, but it requires some effort.

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