Home of “Sticky Bones”, Morganfield’s has been serving their awesome tender and juicy ribs since 2012. Now, a new menu has been launched by the creative expert chefs behind the mouth-watering and tender off-the-bone ribs with a new sauce created specifically for the Singapore diner.

American food has always given the impression that they are hearty, well-seasoned and sauced, come in generous portions and somehow, always go well with beer. Basically, comfort food for the soul and for the most part, this is true of the new menu launched.


For starters, the new Golden Fried Wings (S$12.90 ) is fried perfectly, leaving the golden brown skin and batter with a nice crunch while the meat itself is moist and juicy. The specialty here is Morganfield’s secret spice mix which tastes similar to prawn paste chicken, albeit milder with a dash of spice.

The Apple and Chicken salad ($17.90) is another new concoction with a refreshing twist. Adding in red and green apple slices for a more tangy flavour, the combination is pleasing and serves as a nice appetiser for the rest of the meal. It helps that the chicken breast is well marinated with herbs and grilled well enough to be tender and juicy with every bite.

A returning favourite will be their Loaded Chilli Nachos ($13.90). What can I say? This is a crowd pleaser that everyone simply loves. It’s light, filled with absolutely tender ribs with an awesome chilli mixture of corn salsa, jalapenos and generous servings of sour cream and cheese. It almost disappears as soon as it is set on the table.

On to the mains

Sticky Bones now come with two different sauces on their oh-so-beautiful and tender ribs.

The Kansas Sweet BBQ Sticky Bones (Half slab $27.90, Full Slab $42.90) is the newcomer here to steal your hearts with a rich tasting and sweet BBQ sauce which is all about the sweetness. This is for those with a sweet tooth and we found that it actually grows on you after a while. We enjoyed the little-charred bits of sauce on the ribs, the almost-like- char siew taste and the same fall-off-bones tenderness of the meat.

The Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones (Half slab $27.90, Full Slab $42.90) has been Morganfield’s signature item and it’s easy to see why. It boasts a nice smokey taste in every bite and the sauce itself packs a nice punch of spice which keeps you coming back for more.

Something new as well is the Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich ($21.90), served with lightly toasted ciabatta bread spread and a nice surprise of butter and sugar, alongside golden brown fresh Hoki fish fillets.

Our Blackened Salmon ($23.90) is fresh and thick atop a bed of roast potatoes. The Cajun seasoning tends to be salty to bring out the natural sweetness of the fish. That makes it great with beer!

Finally, the Tequila Spiked Chicken ($24.90) is interesting, to say the least. It’s marinated in tequila, lime and paprika which gives it a very distinct taste that is very much like drinking a tequila….except that it’s chicken. It is head-scratchily interesting.

And how can you end the meal without desserts?

PB&J Mudslide ($9.90) is just, as the name suggests, a tiered experience with chocolate ganache at the bottom, peanut butter and jelly in the middle and topped with vanilla ice cream on top. It’s sweet, salty and decadence all in one. Your mileage may vary, depending on how much you like thick servings of peanut butter and chocolate.

The Chocolate Lava Cake ($15.90) is a crowd favourite. Thick, warm oozing chocolate sauce in a nice moist chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream for the ultimate hot and cold combination. Morganfield’s rendition was well executed and we finished it in 30 seconds.

Morgan’s Bread Pudding ($11.90) is a surprise hit in my books. The bread pudding was served warm and soft with whisky sauce that complements it really well. Top it off with a vanilla ice cream. It was my personal favourite dessert of the day.

Overall, I think the menu has more hits then misses this time around and for the avid beer drinker, these items go spectacularly well with a good drink. Just make sure you’re here with a few friends, good food is meant for sharing.


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