Three months have passed since Asher has taken violin classes at Aureus Academy.

As mentioned in my first blog post about Asher embarking on his education in classical music, Aureus Academy specialises in one-on-one music lessons. All of their 75 teachers are full-time staff and are tertiary-qualified performers.

Under Ms Alice Wong’s tutelage, Asher is enjoying his violin-playing, which was one of my goals in the first place.

The always-cheerful Ms Alice Wong showing Asher how to use his fingers on the E string.

The always-cheerful Ms Alice Wong showing Asher how to use his fingers on the E string.

In the beginning, he learned how to hold the violin, the names of the four strings, and how to hold the bow.

Then he proceeded to learn how to use the bow on the strings, how to follow rhythm, and read very simple scores. He learned what’s pizzicato, tremolo, arco, and col legno.

He can play very simple tunes like Little Mozart and Happy Hadyn which involve merely changing strings and no fingering.

In the lesson just past, he’s learned fingering, and he is practising Hot Cross Buns (also known as Big Cellos) on the E string.

The best part of Asher’s journey isn’t how much he is learning, though – it’s how much he enjoys playing the violin. It’s an interest which is genuinely growing. Just the other day, Asher got all excited when he saw a poster for a Stradivarius Quartet performance at the Victoria Concert Theatre and wanted us to attend it.

He looks forward to violin practice every day, even if he doesn’t get it first time right and will shed tears at being corrected.

Even his Kindermusik teacher at school, who is giving him ukulele lessons, has remarked that he is better at his finger work these days!

In March, Aureus Academy is introducing a new home programme called [email protected], whereby parents and children have the option of having Aureus Academy’s teachers visiting the students’ homes for music lessons. This is a great option because it offers the parents and children convenience and flexibility, without the extra costs of parking fees and travel time. Parents can also to book the teacher and preferred time slot online for scheduling flexibility.

You can find out more here: They are offering a 50% discount for the first month of fees, too. If you’re wondering why I’m not taking this option, it’s because Ms Alice isn’t on the home programme and we’d have to switch teachers if we wanted lessons at home instead. We are perfectly fine with this as it has already become part of Asher’s routine to visit Ms Alice at Forum The Shopping Centre every Sunday evening. Otherwise, [email protected] sounds like the perfect solution for busy students, don’t you think?

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