[Sponsored Post] Life, by Okinawa: A human connection - Alvinology

[Sponsored Post] Life, by Okinawa: A human connection


Meet Tracy, a busy entrepreneur from Singapore who cannot stop texting and checking her emails on her smartphone, much like most of the wired peers.

On a trip to the Japanese island of Okinawa, Tracy discovered the importance of human connection, through her interactions with the native people, engaged in their daily chores and crafts. Watch this video to learn of her amazing learning journey to rediscover life:

Particularly inspiring is a 98-years-old lady Tracy met. The old lady playfully quipped in the video that “if you stay active, you can live until one hundred”. She is just two years shy and I am quite sure she will live to one hundred, judging by her active outlook to life.

[Sponsored Post] Life, by Okinawa: A human connection - Alvinology

Do you know that Okinawa has the highest number of centenarians in the world?

The secret to longevity can be unlocked at this southern most prefecture in Japan. Composed of hundreds of islands, Okinawa and the people are renowned for longevity due to their diet, constant activity and outlook on life. The subtropical climate is home to vegetation and foliage of all kinds, hundreds of animals, white-sand beaches, crystal clear water and uncharted jungles.

[Sponsored Post] Life, by Okinawa: A human connection - Alvinology

[Sponsored Post] Life, by Okinawa: A human connection - Alvinology

If you find yourself constantly busy and need to embark on a journey of self-discovery and to learn more about living life with longevity, Okinawa is the place to visit.

Check out the “Life by Okinawa”website to find out more on what teachings Okinawa has to offer to the world. Other than Tracy, there were others from around the world who visited Okinawa and shared on what life in Okinawa looks and feels like:

Want to know the secret to longevity?

Maybe you can find out by visiting Okinawa. By understanding their preconceived ideas on beauty, wellbeing and connection, you will be able to see how Okinawa is completely unique to anywhere else in the world – and maybe live to over a hundred years old too. 🙂

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