This article is written by Ivan Lim from our sister site, Asia 361.

Mophie, the number 1 selling mobile battery case maker in North America, has just announced its latest lineup of universal battery solution for mobile devices, and it sure looks impressive.

The Juice Pack Reserve

The company’s first flagship product, the juice pack, has been given a facelift, and is now slimmer and lighter than ever. Named the Juice Pack Reserve, designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6s, its ergonomic design allows it to sits securely in my hands without feeling extra bulky or uncomfortable. A look inside the case and you’ll see why Mophie pride themselves on providing extra protection on top of charging duties. A series of rubberized support pads placed around the interior of the case functions as Mophie’s high-impact protection system, a heartwarming sight enough to reassure this self-confessed butterfinger.

The back of the Juice Pack Reserve, with its light indication at the bottom to show how much charge it has left

Equipped with an 1,840mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, the Juice Pack Reserve provides 60% more battery life (compared to the 100% of an iPhone 6 battery). It also features Mophie’s Priority charge and sync, which intelligently charges the phone before the juice pack itself, and enables pass-through charge and sync while connected to a PC or a Mac. Designed with pass-through volume and power buttons, the Juice Pack maintains full functionality of your phone while providing maximum support and protection. What I really liked was the small design gesture of the placement of the speaker output that was forward facing (instead of downward facing on the iPhone). When I tested it by playing a song, the Juice Pack somehow amplified the sound a little bit, perhaps because it focused and channeled the sound in my direction. Same logic as putting a phone in a mug I suppose?

The Juice Pack Reserve is currently available in three colours: black, blue, and rose gold. Yep, ’cause why hide that glorious rose gold of your iPhone right?

The Juice Pack H2PRO

Always looking to innovate and push the boundaries, December last year saw the advent of Mophie’s first waterproof battery case, the Juice Pack H2PRO made for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

In addition to waterproofing your beloved iPhone, the Juice Pack H2PRO leads the pack in terms of industry standards and protection ratings. Despite being immaculately sleek in form, the battery case has been tested in the harshest of conditions to withstand all the drops, dust, dirt, and everything else life throws at you.

The Juice Pack H2PRO looking sleek and sharp

Fully endowed with a powerful 2,700mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, the Juice Pack H2PRO provides more than 100% extra battery life to your iPhone. Unfortunately though, it is only available in one colour at the moment: the classic black.

In case you’re wondering why is it that iPhones get all the love and adulation, fret not. Mophie has just unveiled its first ever wireless charging battery case with juice pack for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The wireless charging battery case with juice pack for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

These latest additions to the extensive range of Mophie’s juice pack family provide users more than 60% extra battery (3300mAh), and is compatible with Qi as well as other charging standards including Samsung’s wireless charge pads.

Designed for edge-t0-edge protection, the juice pack uses Mophie’s proprietary Impact-Isolation System which adds extra cushion to the edges and corners of the protective case for unrivalled support. Like the Juice Pack H2PRO though, this one’s only available in black.