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SilkAir’s best-kept “secret”: FREE in-flight entertainment with SilkAir Studio

SilkAir’s best-kept “secret”: FREE in-flight entertainment with SilkAir Studio

Do you know that there’s in-flight entertainment on SilkAir flights, and you can hook up your personal handheld devices to the Wi-Fi connection to tune into it? Users can stream blockbuster hits, short features, as well as chart-topping music wirelessly to their electronic devices.

Okay, it’s not really a secret – the flight attendants make announcements about it when it’s turned on and switched off – but I observed that few passengers bothered to check out SilkAir Studio when I last flew with SilkAir to Boracay.

It’s compatible with iPhones, iPads and all Android devices. All you need to do is search for SilkAir Studio in your Wi-Fi connection, click on it and the rest follows. There’s an instruction pamphlet in your seat pocket. If you need earphones, all you need to do is to let a friendly stewardess know.

The folks at SilkAir probably knows it too and recently ran a cute campaign to raise awareness. Check out this video:

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Briefly, non-SilkAir travellers flying to Singapore were met at an overseas airport by SilkAir stewardesses. They were invited to participate in a poll to find out what their favourite ‘little joy’ in air travel was – be it in-flight meals, complimentary luggage allowance, on-board entertainment, seat selection or other options.

On completing the poll, they were offered a voucher to fly with SilkAir to enjoy these little joys on their next trip and were also offered a special surprise, the Joy Pack!

Disguised as a box of chocolates, the packs, once opened were revealed to be innovative, portable in-flight entertainment screens that held engaging content like travel programmes, kids shows and TV comedies:

The travellers brought the Joy Packs on their flight, allowing them the chance to enjoy a little of the joy that SilkAir offers its customers on a regular basis. Through the activation, SilkAir was able to reach out to consumers and showcase that when it comes to air travel, the little joys matter. Here are some of the other little joys offered by SilkAir:

  •  30KG bag allowance on economy flights
  • Delicious inflight meals
  • Through check-ins
  • A reliable flight schedule
  • Ability to earn Krisflyer miles
  • Online check-ins
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In the spirit of #LittleJoysMatter, here’s some real SilkAir branded chocolate to brighten up your day:

Next time you fly with SilkAir, do try out their free SilkAir Studio!

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