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Circles.Life Just Launched, Kudos to their Community Manager

With the bid to become Singapore’s 4th Telco for the longest time now, MyRepublic was overtaken by Circles.Life when they launched on 5 May 2016. Though not opened to everyone to sign-up yet, but invitation to get a SIM with them is slowly being issued out to those who register their interests on

From their Facebook Live at their launch last night, more than 130 comments were posted with questions and of cos trolling for this new telco. Not much happened when I last checked last evening, but this morning many of the comments were answered by their Community Manager, Carrie S. Kudos to this lady who were still working way past midnight replying to comments at 3am.

So what’s this new telco in town about? Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions answered.

Fully Customisable and Transparent Mobile Data Plan

With Circles.Life, you control what you want, when you want it. It is a simpler way to subscribe to mobile plans and with the ability to change your plan month to month instead of being tied to a 24 month contracted bundled plan.

Once signed up online, customers will receive a SIM card and/or smartphone (payable through monthly credit card instalments) at your home or your workplace. With Circles.Life suite of mobile applications, you will manage your own usage, data plans and other services on-the-go. You will know exactly what you are buying and are only billed for what you use.

This sounds like a great deal and definitely giving you full control. Still this is not for everyone, say if you do not like tracking usage and do not want to keep having to adjust your plan monthly, then this new telco may not be for you. I’m one of those people who is not discipline enough to monitor my data usage and yes always get overcharged even with 13GB of bundled data every month! I’ve signed up for my interests to try out this new telco anyway, only time and using it will tell if this is going to be something worth migrating my plan to. Since no contract, so why not just try it out as spare sim card loh.

Here’s a run down of other questions asked and answered by Carrie S., Community Manager of Circles.Life.

How does Circles.Life compare to the double data bundle offered by the other telcos?


Isn’t this similar to SingTel’s Easy Mobile plan?

Yup, that’s exactly what I thought too! Here’s their reply…

Can we buy a phone when we sign up?

Yes, but at full retail value. So no difference if you buy through them or directly from the brand’s retail stores. But with so many mobile phone brands offering their units at much affordable value now, we can just get a phone elsewhere lah.


Circles.Life is leasing from M1?


Hmmm… could this be a M1 in disguise? That said, Circles.Life is set out to change the way users use and pay for their communication needs.

Circles.Life team doesn’t know how to use FB Live ah?!

I was scratching my head too when I watched their video from last night. Like seriously? But well, they must be too excited and didn’t have time to try it out before the actual live broadcast.


What’s Circles.Life Fees and Charges?

Circles.Life Pricing Sheet

A win for heavy Whatsapp users

With Circles.Life Plus, you can make UNLIMITED Whatsapp calls, send photos and video files all on Whatsapp without drawing any data from your plan. Sounds good right? With this alone I’m SOLD!

This is just the beginning for this new telco and if what they said so far is true, this is one new kid to look out for. With new features based on customer’s feedback and requests and how they are dedicated to re-imagining how mobile providers operate and interact with consumers in the Singapore market. Circles.Life may just rock the local telco market for real this time. Now to wait for my activation email so I can test out their coverage and stability, and to see if its truly value for money.

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