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Four Advantages of Staying at Service Flats

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Everyone enjoys staying out in a well-developed city like Singapore while on a visit. With the need to accommodate a growing number of tourists, different types of lodging facilities are available. On the market today, there is an entirely new level of hospitality open to curious visitors of the city.

Serviced flats are the most sought after in the industry. They are constructed just as any normal apartment building would be. The big difference is that although you live in an apartment, you are serviced just like a guest in the finest of hotels. Not surprisingly, such a convenience has increasingly gained popularity in the last decade. This is due to a variety of factors and can be understood from the following four points.

Feel at Ease – Home Away from Home

An apartment of this type is unique as you are treated as a guest in a hotel. It makes you instantly feel at home. Unlike a traditional hotel, this means having increased privacy and all the conveniences and utilities a modern apartment would have. In Singapore, this option is so popular with regular visitors and foreign guests that these flats are expected to increase operations vastly over the coming years.

Although a traditional hotel may offer the handiness of a front desk always staffed by a helpful individual, a serviced flat offers everything you left at home. The rooms are fully furnished and are in fact over twice the size of even a large hotel room as recorded on Slide Share. Serviced flats also include a fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances you would require, along with built-in laundry facilities.

You are Spoiled for Choice – Service Rates Are Unbeatable

With a serviced flat you not only get more advantages than if you were to stay in a conventional hotel, you also receive the much-appreciated advantage of paying a far lesser cost. It is not just in traditional fees that you can save money. Every resident of a serviced flat saves money on such things as cooking and laundry, which would have to be paid for when dining out and staying in a hotel.

Traditional hotels charge enormous fees for the inclusion of additional services. Many will even charge a special fee for an extra bed among other things. Unlike hotels that are out there to make money, serviced flats provide a wide range of facilities free of charge to their guests.

Comforts of Home in a Convenient Location

Hotels are often located off the major roadways. It can be a great alternative when you need to make a stop overnight when traveling long distances. If you are going to stay in a location that provides all the conveniences of home in lush green surroundings, then serviced flats are your best bet. They are often located in the middle of city living and they are easily accessible. They are often situated near shopping centers, food marts, entertainment areas, and working offices. In most cases these locations are within walking distance of a serviced flat. Their convenient locations also mean that they provide great views of the surrounding landscape. It is particularly the case for rooms situated on the top floors of serviced flat buildings. You can be right at the heart of the Lion City and go about your business.

Setting the Standards – Larger Spaces and Premium Service

As if a larger room, more privacy, and a fully furnished multi-room flat were not enough, there are still many more services such apartments provide. Travel and Tourism News states that serviced flats in Singapore are the best option available to any guest, especially for longer stays due to their affordable staying costs. These apartments have set the standards when it comes to premium service at affordable prices and more. When staying in a serviced flat, you don’t have to clean. They will provide weekly or bi-weekly room service options for every guest. You can always cancel this service if you do not want to be disturbed or wish to do it yourself.

Searching for a service apartment on real estate sites like Property Guru is the best option when it comes to either business or leisure travel, or for a temporary residence. Unlike hotels, they offer a variety of services free of charge. Each day thousands of travelers around the world stay in these apartments to rest and recuperate. With all the conveniences and utilities that can be found at home, it is no wonder that their popularity is growing in increasing strength. In Singapore today, there is a big rise in the building and operation of serviced flats. Many such apartments can be found in Singapore’s bustling streets and are located in very convenient locations with facilities that cater to longer stays at affordable prices.

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