[Sponsored Video] This 3D-printed car is built by NTU engineering undergrads - Alvinology

[Sponsored Video] This 3D-printed car is built by NTU engineering undergrads

Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015 NV 8 and 9

Dreams do come true.

For two engineering students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), this was certainly the case when they built Singapore’s first 3D-printed solar car. Check out this video:


Unveiled on 2 February at NTU’s Sports and Recreation Centre, the NTU Venture 8 (NV8) is Singapore’s first urban solar electric car with a 3D-printed body shell made up of 150 parts. The car is described by its designers as being able to reach a top speed of 60 kilometres per hour “while maintaining low energy consumption”.

Printed and assembled over three months, the car was a result of a collaboration between students from the design team, various NTU schools and research centres, as well as sponsors and institutions.

The journey to complete the car was not an easy one, but the conducive learning environment in NTU helped nurtured the students along.

When Ilmi Wahab, a computer engineering student and Ng Kok Choong, a mechanical engineering student, first joined NTU, they didn’t even know how an internal combustion works.

At NTU, they were given the opportunity to work on the 3D-printed car and even the chance to race it overseas. It was a dream come true for them.

If you are looking to fulfil your own engineering dreams, maybe you can consider NTU as your university of choice.

FYI, NTU is my alma mater too and look where I am now. 🙂

To find out more about NTU students who have started their future at NTU even before they graduate, check out the NTU “Instagram Magazine” (@NTU_sg).

This post has been presented by NTU, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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