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GE2015: Five things to consider when voting


Tomorrow is Cooling Off Day and I will not be writing anything. This will be my last article on GE2015 leading up to Polling Day.

Fellow Singaporeans, before you cast your vote on Friday, here are five things to consider which I would like to share with you.


Your vote is secret. Vote without fear. Vote wisely.

If anyone tells you that voting is not secret, report the person to the police. Your vote is secret. Period. Here is a video on the secrecy of the vote, produced by MARUAH, a Singapore human rights NGO:


Vote rationally.

Consider each candidates contesting in your constituency carefully. You should try to read more about them or watch thir respective rally videos to find out what each sides are offering before making your decision.

Try this survey to find out which party you might be most aligned to.

Created by a group of third-year students at Yale-NUS College, Electionaire is a simple survey where what you answer for every question determines your political alignment. You are required to choose from a spectrum of responses ranging from Yes to No, and rate how important the issue in question is to you. With just 15 questions, Electionaire will rank all 10 parties according to how you scored from the survey.


Do not draw pictures on your voting slip. 

If you want to void your vote, leave it blank. Do not draw pictures on your voting slip, especially in the box of the candidate or party which you do not want to vote for – you may end up giving that candidate or party an extra vote!


Read this post by veteran political blogger Alex Au on his experience as a counting agent in GE2011 and how votes are counted at the polling centres. 


Two ways to vote in a GRC.

If your ward happens to be in a GRC, there are two ways to make your decision on which side to vote for.

A – Consider the team team as a whole on both sides.

B –  Vote based on your hate or like factor for one particularly outstanding or bad candidate on either side.


Elect a MP to speak for you on national issues, not as a municipal manager.

This is a personal point which I will consider. Yes, running of the town council and maintaining the cleanliness of my estate is important, but it is not the most important thing for me. A MP is elected to speak for you in parliament and not to be a municipal manager.

That’s it.

Vote wisely everyone!

If you are interested to read all my previous writings on GE2015, visit this link. 

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