Ge2015: 15 Top Alternative News Sites for Singapore Political News - Alvinology

Ge2015: 15 Top Alternative News Sites for Singapore Political News

Ge2015: 15 Top Alternative News Sites for Singapore Political News - Alvinology

If you are sick of reading political news from the mainstream media owned by the two media giants in Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp, here’s a list of alternative news sites to follow.

They have been sprouting up like mushrooms lately, maybe because of the looming Singapore General Elections and the upcoming Presidential Election next year.

Here’s the list of 15, ranked in order of their respective site traffic via

1. – 650,000 page views per month

The writing style is very similar to the defunct, formerly, the top ranked alternative news site in Singapore with over 2.6 million page views am month.

I am not a fan of this site, but it keeps popping up on my social feeds. Be aware that there is a lot of misleading headlines and click baits.

2. – 570,000 page views per month

One of the first alternative news site in Singapore that is still surviving and growing from strength to strength, The Online Citizen is very active in updates during the elections and is one of my recommended alternative news sites to read.

3. – 550,000 page views per month

The site boasts a strong team of high profile contributors like George Yeo, Philip Yeo and Nicole Seah. It is highly focused on social and political news in Singapore and one of the few alternative sites with a roster of full-time editorial staff.

4. – 330,000 page views per month

Jointly owned by Gushcloud and, the site is a social and political news site formed by marrying an online influencers agency and a lifestyle content portal.

5. – 190,000 page views per month

Another site with similar, but more moderate gutter content compared to sites like and

6. – 150,000 page views per month

This is the new, founded by the same team who brought you the now defunct site. Expect sensational and click bait content.

7. – 80,000 page views per month

One of the key contributors to this site is veteran journalist turned online columnist, Bertha Henson, a one-woman newsroom not to be messed with. Mostly, I just read the articles written by her.

8. – 40,000 page views per month

Roy Ngerng, better known as the blogger who got slapped with a defamation suit by the current prime minister of Singapore, has a decent following online. He may be fielded as a candidate by the Reform Party in Ang Mo Kio GRC to face his nemesis.

9. – 35,000 page views per month

Alex Au was one of my favourite bloggers to read. However, he seem to have stop writing recently after his run-in with the Attorney-General of Singapore. A pity because he writes well. Nonetheless, he still gets good traffic each month for a mostly dormant site. Maybe his blog may come alive again during the elections.

10. – 30,000 page views per month

This is more of an aggregator site where they curate and share socio-political news articles from a variety of online sources. It’s a good one-stop source for alternative news.

11. – 20,000 page views per month

Also known as ‘Thoughts of a Cynical Investor”, the writer is anonymous, but writes well and appears knowledgable.

12. – 15,000 page views per month

Written by Kenneth Jeyaratnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party and the eldest son of the late opposition figure, J.B. Jeyaratnam, the site has a niche following in Singapore.

13. – 15,000 page views per month

The site is written by a young undergraduate, Ariffin Sha, who is very politically mature for his age. Good stuff. I wish more of our younger generations can be as politically and socially aware as him.

14. – 7,000 page views per month

Tan Kin Lian is an ex-presidential election candidate and former Director and CEO of NTUC Income. His blog is quite fun to read as he makes weird offbeat remarks and interesting insights here and there.

15. – 4,000 page views per month

This relatively new socio-political site is founded by Viswa Sadasivan, a former Nominated Member of Parliament. It is worth mentioning them in spite of the low traffic as they recently did a full video recording of the GE2015 Political Dialogue by the National University of Singapore Society:

Now that you have seen the full list, which alternative news site do you like best? Remember to bookmark this page or add it to your browser as a ‘favourite’. 🙂

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  1. You might want to check on #13 – linking Arrifin Sha with AnyhowHantam … the only reference to link the two seems to be a repost of Anyhowhantam by Arrifin Sha on TOC … apart from that, from the writing of AnyHowhantam – he is definitively more mature than 17yo. Cheers~

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