Some households are just not comfortable with hiring live-in maids in their homes. Rachel and I are among such people.

Our 3-room flat is too small to accommodate one more person. Moreover, I find it too much of a hassle to integrate a stranger into our family and I am not a big fan of ordering someone around at home to clean up after us.

We used to have a regular house cleaner who came over our house twice a week to help out with the cleaning and ironing. She spends around 4 hours each session. We found the kindly auntie through a neighbour and it was a delight to have her.

Unfortunately, the auntie retired and stopped working after a few months and we had difficulties finding similar trustworthy house help then.

Why do one go looking for a house help in Singapore?

We trawl the neighbourhood bulletin boards and asked the network of aunties we know to recommend.

What if I tell you that there is an app that can find the perfect house help for you, hassle-free and like the uber taxi app for finding house cleaners?

This app is Helpling:

I just tried out their service a week ago, booking a house cleaner for a total of 4 hours (3 hours to do general cleaning and 1 hour for ironing).

The cost came up to S$80. That’s S$20 per hour. Reasonable, considering for a small household like mine, I will probably only need this service either once or twice a month.

In my opinion, it is certainly a more favourable solution to me than having a live-in helper.

My booking was done via the website on a desktop. Helpling is available on mobile too on both iOS and Android. The app is simple to use and will provide recommendation on the hours of cleaning needed based on your floor area as well as the kind of services required.

Upon confirmation and payment, an email notification will be sent to you when a cleaner has been assigned.

We made a booking for 3 to 7pm on a Sunday.

The helper was punctual and a very pleasant middle age office lady. We were expecting an elderly auntie and were pleasantly surprised.

Cleaning our bedroom

Cleaning our bedroom

Rachel chatted with the helper briefly and found out she is an office worker on weekdays and she is doing this to supplement her income. She enjoys her part-time cleaning work and is paid S$16 an hour by Helpling.





The lady went about her task promptly and discussed with Rachel on the cleaning which needed to be done.

Everything was done professionally and we were very satisfied with the service. I would highly recommend households looking for part time cleaning help to try out Helpling for your hiring.

Cleaning the toilet

Cleaning the toilet

In case you are wondering why an office lady is doing cleaning work, a freelance house-cleaner in Singapore can make around S$1,500 per month with around 23 hours of work per week, according to AsiaOne. The house-cleaning market in Singapore is expanding, in contrast to the general decline in our country’s service industry.

How did Helpling came about?

Debuting in Berlin in 2014 and available in Australia, Canada and several European countries, German startup Helpling’s entry to Asia started in March this year with the acquisition of Singapore cleaning service Spickify.

Co-founder Hoe Yeen Teck is Helpling’s local CEO. He used to be a cleaner himself, so knows first-hand how important it is to get cleaners away from the black market.

“Beyond it all, our mission remains the same – to provide our cleaning partners with a great way to make good income.” Shared Hoe.

I am satisfied with the service and am a convert now.

If you are interested to try out Helpling, good news – I have a discount code that can give you an hour of FREE cleaning for your first booking! To redeem it, book your helper through this link:

I will also get a hour off my next cleaning when you book through my code.

After you have registered for an account, you can also generate your own discount code to share with your friends to get a 1-hour voucher off your next cleaning. Good thing must share – moreover, everyone gets rewarded for sharing! 🙂