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Alvinology x GrabCar

Alvinology x GrabCar - Alvinology

If you uses those taxi apps like GrabTaxi, consider trying out GrabCar and get S$8 off one GrabCar ride (single-use only) by using my promotional code – “GRABALVIN” (Offer is valid till 5 July 2015).

GrabCar is founded by the same people behind GrabTaxi and seeks to balance the vehicle-to-passenger supply and demand situation during critical periods such as peak hours, providing an alternative for occasions when taxi supply does not meet demand.

Costs for GrabCar rides are fully transparent and provides commuters with the opportunity to accept or decline the fare. There are now 4 tiers to GrabCar: GrabCar (Economy), GrabCar+ (Premium), GrabCar 6- seater and GrabCar 13-seater. Each category is designed to suit the different needs and budget of commuters.

Alvinology x GrabCar - Alvinology

About GrabCar

GrabCar is a private hire vehicle booking service from GrabTaxi, the leading transportation booking mobile app in Southeast Asia.

In July 2014, GrabCar was launched to complement GrabTaxi’s taxi booking services, offering premium 4-seaters for those who like to travel in style, as well as 6 & 13- seaters for commutters travelling in groups or with luggage.

However during peak hours taxi demand still exceeds supply, therefore in April 2015, a fourth option GrabCar (Economy) was officially launched in Singapore to provide commuters with another option to get a ride.

GrabTaxi is a for-profit social enterprise to improve efficiency, safety and quality of transporting commuters in SEA. GrabCar upholds the same three pillars of GrabTaxi: safety, certainty and speed

Started in Malaysia, it is now available in Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.


  • App has been downloaded on more than 3.8 million mobile devices to date
  • Payment can be made via cash or credit card for greater flexibility
  • Advanced bookings and block hourly usage is also available for users

On GrabCar

Alvinology x GrabCar - Alvinology

1. How do I book a GrabCar?

The service is booked via the GrabTaxi mobile app that can also be used to book standard and limo taxi rides. To use it, one must first download the GrabTaxi app, which is available for free on your preferred mobile applications store. Users can then select the type of GrabCar service that they require, for example, GrabCar (Economy), to make a booking.

2. How can existing GrabTaxi and GrabCar users enjoy the expanded GrabCar service?

GrabCar services are available in the GrabTaxi app. Existing app users will notice that the app has been updated to reflect the various GrabCar categories available for their booking. What it also does is provide a different price segment for GrabCar users to utilise if they wish and if there are no available taxis in the vicinity, GrabCar (Economy) can be a suitable alternative to get a ride.

3. What are the services offered by GrabCar?

GrabCar passengers can choose to be chauffeured in a range of vehicles. The newly expanded fleet offers four types of GrabCar services which are the 4-seater options – GrabCar (Economy) and GrabCar+ (Premium), as well as the GrabCar 6-seater and GrabCar 13-seater which is suitable for larger groups.

4. Is there any identification on the private car for the passenger to take note of?

How can I be sure that I am getting into the correct private car? Once a booking is confirmed, passengers will receive his/her assigned driver’s details – name, mobile number, vehicle registration number and also his photo. Passengers will also be able to track the driver’s movements as he moves towards them.

5. What’s the maximum number of passengers a private car can take?

At the moment, GrabCar offers 4-seater, 6-seater and 13-seater vehicles. We strictly abide to the car’s maximum capacity to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. On the Launch & Rebrand – GrabCar (Economy) & GrabCar+ (Premium).

6. Why launch GrabCar Economy?

With demand exceeding supply during peak hours, we saw there was still a need for more options, particularly at a more affordable price point. Therefore we are introducing a new 4- seater category called GrabCar (Economy), and rebranding the premium 4-seater category to GrabCar+ (Premium) whilst the 6-seater and 13-seater GrabCar options remain consistent.

7. What is the difference between GrabCar (Economy) and GrabCar+ Premium?

Both are 4-seater vehicle options, however GrabCar (Economy) is catered towards the everyday taxi user seeking an affordable alternative when he/she is unable to get a taxi. Hence GrabCar (Economy) offers vehicles such as the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Wish and Honda Civic, with fares equitable to taxis. GrabCar+ Premium however offers users a premium range of vehicle models, namely the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-series, with correspondingly higher fares.


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