The annual [email protected] Photo Contest is back for a third year!

If you haven’t heard of it, the contest is organised by the Ministry of Manpower’s Community Engagement Programme Unit, and is taking place from 11 May to 26 June 2015.

Why Participate?

Winners of the photo contest stand to win over S$3,000 worth of cash prizes!

The contest is open to all working adults in Singapore aged 18 and above. To participate, just submit photographs that display camaraderie and team spirit at work on the [email protected] Facebook page.

It’s not that hard if you have an open and vibrant work environment with spontaneous colleagues. Just round up everyone and submit an awesome photo! If you win, the money can be put to good use for a team dinner or excursion.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse dynamic workforce consisting of people of different races, religions and cultural backgrounds. A harmonious workplace where colleagues work well together helps to boost morale, inspire positive contributions and improve employee well-being, as well as work satisfaction. Employees also tend to perform better when we get along well with our colleagues. For businesses, this can translate to enhanced performance, better employee retention and an improved competitive advantage for employers.

Everyone wins in a harmonious workplace.

Lunchtime Outdoor Activation Event at Chevron House

To create greater awareness of the benefits of harmonious workplaces, a lunchtime outdoor event is being held at Chevron House on 21 and 22 May 2015 from 11.30am to 2.00pm. We went down to take a look yesterday.

Photo booth

Photo booth

If you work around the Raffles Place area, why not head down and participate with your colleagues and win some prizes along the way?

When we were there, we saw a group of participants win a pair of movie tickets EACH, simply for participating in one of their on-site games! Event highlights include:

Five stones experts

Five stones experts

Social Photo Booth: Participants may pose for photos with attractive SG50 themed props. The photos may be uploaded onto the [email protected] Facebook page to participate in the photo contest;

Kampong Snack Challenge: Participants will be invited to take part in the game of Kampong Snack Challenge, featuring local ethnic delights such as “Muah Chee” and “Kueh Lapis”, and stand to win attractive prizes; and

Goodie Bags: Goodie bags containing a customised [email protected] ez-link card featuring the top winning photo from last year’s contest, USB fan, automatic umbrella and Bluetooth speaker/laptop sleeve/power bank/travel adaptor will be redeemable by the first 100 participants who submit your photos for the contest. Those who like the [email protected] Facebook page gets to enjoy an ice cold ice cream cone on-the-spot to beat beat.

There will also be exciting daily posts and weekly quizzes uploaded on the [email protected] Facebook page to draw colleagues together to participate in the Facebook activities. Do check it regularly to win some awesome prizes together with your colleagues! 🙂