When you put two seemingly unrelated items together, you get a cool conspiracy theory. You will shit brick when you join the dots here.

Via Straits

A former student is suing Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), claiming that the school failed to protect her from being bullied and she was forced to study overseas. Ms Cheryl Tan, now 18, wants RGS to pay not just for her pain and suffering, but also the $220,000 it cost to continue her studies at the prestigious Wells Cathedral School in England. She is currently completing her A levels there, said her mother, Madam Ng Wee Ching.

In other news, a maths question from Singapore on “When is Cheryl’s birthday?” when viral globally. Here’s the question in full:

Here’s the answer:

Now here’s where you need to join the dots.

Is the Cheryl Tan suing Raffles Girls’ School the same Cheryl in the viral “When is Cheryl’s birthday” maths question?

Did the school use her name to set the maths question after a teacher heard her flirting with her male friends, Albert and Bernard to guess her birthday?

Was that how the bullying started?

I could see how the bullying could have went – “so Cheryl, you like to set maths quiz for boys to guess your birthday right?”, “Cheryl don’t act so up there by showing off your maths when people just want to know our birthday”…

[Obviously, this post is tongue-in-cheek and I just wasted a few minutes of your life trolling you to read this. Thank you for reading and have fun coining your own conspiracy theories of things around us.]