Global brand Bosch has just launched their latest vacuum cleaner range in Singapore and claims they are so quiet… that they won’t even wake giant sleeping cats when in use:

“Pure power without the roar” – boasts the tagline for the new super-quiet and energy-efficient vacuum cleaners from Bosch:

Bosch introduced their QuattroPower System, claimed to be the new benchmark in vacuum cleaner technology. The system optimises for maximum airflow, translating to incredible cleaning performance.

At the Singapore media preview event

At the Singapore media preview event

In addition, the SilenceSound System used by Bosch delivers the quietest vacuum cleaners in the market – as low as 59 dB(A). Super silence is achieved through a comprehensive package of sound reducing features from the new silent motor, innovative dampening material, to the noise optimised nozzle, hose and connections.

Take pictures with a computer-generated tiger

Take pictures with a computer-generated tiger

The event highlights

The event highlights

Here are three vacuum cleaner models to look out for from Bosch:

The In’genius ProSilence Bagged Vacuum Cleaner (S$649)

This is the top of range in the Bosch series of vacuum cleaners featuring the new QuattroPower system.

At only 59 db(A) it makes less noise than any other bagged vacuum cleaner on the market. The noise is so low you can continue to listen to music, enjoy an uninterrupted conversation and not wake up a sleeping child (or even a tiger) when vacuuming.

The In’genius comes with a 5-litre capacity, integrated HEPA filter that does not need to replaces (just wash the filter and reuse) and a 15 metres radius of action.

The Bosch Relaxx’x ProSilence Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (S$749)

This model will be fitted with the SilentSound system from May 2015. It will have a quiet operation of 66 db(A).

The Bosch Athlet Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner (S$649)

This is the first cordless vacuum cleaner from Bosch and boasts a cleaning performance that is comparable to a corded Bosch 2.400-watt vacuum cleaner. The battery can last up to 60 minutes and the Athlet weighs approximately three kilograms.

For more details, visit the official Bosch website.