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Mad Nest – #whatshegavetome



Awhile back I attended a cocktail party with a very interesting theme at Mad Nest, located at 378/380 East Coast Road.

Titled “What She Gave To Me”, the event is a showcase of collaborations between florists and photographers, a commemoration and celebration of Mother Nature.




As part of the party, we were treated to a charming assortment a variety of sushis and other finger foods. Although, being a fussy eater, I didn’t manage to find any of it to my liking. On the bright side, the cocktail that was served tasted delicious 🙂





Some of Mother Nature’s little darlings. These plants are not just pretty to look at, but are also edible as well.





Of course the highlight of the events are these gorgeous floral arrangements and photoshoots that were jointly produced by local florists The Flower Library, Poppy Flora Studio, Wanderfloral, Floral Magic, Triceratops, and Fleurapy, and some very talented and young photographers Hosanna Swee, Jolene Koh, Dionna Lee, Sean Ashley, Clifford Loh, Melody Tan, Alison Lim, Jasper Tan, and Lesley Chee. 

Each bouquet is put together with tender loving care, and encapsulated in elegant white frames. And here’s where the magic takes place. Within these frames,the bouquets go through a transformation – from fresh, dewy petals and leaves, to crinkly and withered stems and twigs – each of these moments a tribute to the  various phases of life –  a gift from Mother Nature herself.


Mad Nest has an ongoing #WhatSheGaveToMe Instagram contest, and participants stand a chance to win $50 Mad Nest dining vouchers. Just share any photo related to nature, and follow the steps below:

1. Follow @mad_nest
2. Tag @mad_nest, add #madnest and #whatshegavetome.
3. To stand a higher chance of winning, tell us what nature has given you, or visit the exhibition and share a photo of the space.
What She Gave To Me is a very interesting concept that gently invites us to break away from the obsession with materialism that perhaps many of us are guilty of. Aside from that, there’s also a growing trend in floral arrangement, and I’m itching to hop on to the bandwagon myself!

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