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Medz Christmas Menu

It’s the time of the year where folks in the office start to clear leave,  exchange gifts and pig out as we celebrate Christmas (by the way, Boxing Day is on a Friday, so if you want a long weekend, do apply for leave on 26 Dec).

To commemorate Christmas, various food outlets are coming up with Christmas menus and Medz is one of them. The Alvinology team was invited to a food tasting of Medz’s food offerings this Christmas, which would not disappoint meat lovers.

First up, the star of most Christmas dinners: the turkey!

Medz Christmas Menu - Alvinology

The slice you see on the plate above is a small portion of a 4kg turkey (yes, it’s a mammoth turkey!) and Medz has generously stuffed it with luxurious foie gras stuffing. The chestnut bits in the stuffing gives it that extra crunch while the cranberry sauce tops off the meat nicely such that it doesn’t feel overly rich.

Next up was the pork knuckle with bratwurst:

I’m not really a big fan of pork knuckle given how the either the meat can be too tough if it’s not well prepared or the skin too dry. I must say this wasn’t the case for the version at Medz. I didn’t have any difficulty chewing the pork knuckle and the meat was quite tender.

We had a third meat dish (I did say meat lovers won’t be disappointed), the pork roulade:

This one is for those who love fatty meat and pork belly. I like the subtly of the garlic confit which didn’t come out too strongly and absolutely suited people like me who does not like garlic at all.

And my favourite part of the meal: Dessert!

Medz Christmas Menu - Alvinology


I absolutely enjoyed the rainbow log cake that Medz introduced! This log cake was inspired by Medz’s popular rainbow cake, which was voted by 8 Days as the best in town. After having this rainbow log cake, I could tell why 8 Days was so awed by it. Not only is the cake soft and fluffy, each layer has a distinct flavour. When you eat all 7 layers at the same time, the different flavours blend together perfectly too. The chocolate coating is not too thick and doesn’t mask the taste of the various layers, complementing the cake  beautifully.There’s also the more traditional Christmas log cake but this rainbow log cake is more special and should be a hit with customers. And if you are not a fan of cakes, there’s also the chocolate pralines that Medz has come up with for Christmas which you can consider.

If you are interested in this Christmas menu at Medz, you can head down to one of their outlets listed below. They also provide delivery with a fee of $30.

24 Raes Pl, #01-01, S(048621)
(T) 6536 1917 (E) [email protected]
Operating Hours : Mon – Thur, 8am – 10pm, Fri, 8am – 11pm, Sat, 11am – 8pm
9 Raes Boulevard, #01-46/47/55/56, S(039596)
(T) 6337 7507 (E) [email protected]
Operating Hours : Mon – Sun, 11.30am – 11pm

181, Orchard Road #B2-01/02/03, S(238896)
(T) 6238 9028 (E) [email protected]
Operating Hours : Mon – Sun, 11.30am – 11pm

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