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Campaign against hunger garners 80 kilos of rice


More than 20 low-income families will be receiving food items such as rice, bread and milk through an anti-hunger campaign run by foodpanda.

The families will in total receive 80 kilos of rice, 18 packs of milk powder, 17 bags of potaotes, 20 loaves of bread and 10 packets of noodles. foodpanda has donated these items to Food Bank Singapore for the distribution.


foodpanda’s campaign against hunger titled, “You Say. We Donate” began on World Food Day on 16th and 17th October.  Active public participation was encouraged, and a Facebook page was set up to request the public to state the type of food that they would like foodpanda to donate on their behalf.


Chinmay Malaviya,  Managing Director of foodpanda shared that foodpanda conducted this campaign because it is strongly involved in changing people’s life and working closely with restaurants and food, they were proud to participate in the fight against hunger for the World Food Day.

She added, ” We are thankful to all the Facebook users who joined the fight!Everyday we use technology and social media is the best tool to receive immediate answers from all over the world”.


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