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Last Tuesday, digital dining guide,, unveiled a mobile food app, OpenSnap during a media preview. The mobile app allows users to seek out your favourite restaurants in real-time as you post and share food images.

OpenSnap launch over lunch at Flute at National Museum

OpenSnap launch over lunch at Flute at National Museum

“OpenSnap truly is a mobile app designed by foodies for foodies. It’s all about what is good to eat and making it easy to find and discover. Snap and share and engage with a wide online community of food lovers. With access to information of over 1 million restaurants spanning 9 countries, being a foodie has never been bigger. OpenSnap embodies fun social eating experiences.” Said Kenett Wong, Country Manager, OpenRice Singapore Pte Ltd.

Kenett Wong, the Singapore Country Manager addressing the guests

Kenett Wong, the Singapore Country Manager addressing the guests

After playing around with the app, the best way to describe it is as a “food instagram app which gives restaurant information and allow interaction with southeast asian foodie communities”.

The OpenSnap team with the emcees

The OpenSnap team with the emcees

OpenSnap’s features:

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1. SEARCH & SHARE: Users can hunt down new dining options or browse for nearby restaurants via food photos uploaded by their friends and other users. Search features include Dish, Restaurant Name and Location – all within a radius distance of 2km.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY: Users can #hashtag photos via location with search filters and stickers to dress up each photo which can be tagged with the restaurant name and dish. New users can register on OpenSnap via Facebook and tag friends with their uploaded food pix and share across Facebook, Weibo and Twitter.

2. BROWSE OVER 1 MILLION RESTAURANTS IN ASIA: OpenSnap will tap into OpenRice’s 1.1 million restaurant repository database which extends through China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

3. START YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED FOOD ALBUMS: Users can create their own personalized restaurant albums. OpenSnap provides each user with a unique albums folder that allows for systematic uploads and records by date and category. Foodies get to chronicle their food tastings in their very own food diary. Fellow OpenSnap buddies can also view and discover eats and recommendations through these pictorial journals. Foodie friends and other users can look up restaurant details by clicking food photos that include tasting notes, ratings and reviews. OpenSnap also features a set of photo-enhancing filters to improve on picture quality.

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OpenSnap is now available for download on both APPLE STORE and on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Try it for yourself to see if you like it. 🙂

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